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Weekend shenanigans - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-01-25 01:59
Subject: Weekend shenanigans
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I am feelingtiredtired
Tags:dinners, wedding
This is the video series from Kelvin and Siok Wei's *getting the bride* event

There's supposed to be 9
if you're seeing this and there's only 8.. it means I haven't fixed it yet. =)

It was a busy weekend
Saturday morning, get the bride =)
went back to the office after that

At night went for Sue-Ann and Ron's wedding @ KL Hilton.
It was very nice.. no camera though so unlikely to spot any pictures from last night. But we'll see. I did end up taking a picture with Catherine so.. we'll see
The entrance was a bit of a march and dance thing with 4 pairs coming in.
Then there was a band, a singer (singing impersonator) and Sue Ann's brother also put in a performance.

Then was at Al's place until 5 playing some board games.

Woke up pretty late on Sunday. Had lunch with Chen Hoe at Grumps. I had totally different stuff compared with my last visit.
Food is still rich.. good stuff.

At night, it was Kel and SW's wedding dinner held at One World Hotel.
There was another wedding dinner running next door as well. It's a busy busy month.. lol
Was supposed to be on duty at the reception but the other guys were already there so took to standing about acting all security/bouncer like.. =P
Lots of 'yum seng' until I have a touch of a sore throat. But it was all good fun.

There should be tons of photos around but unfortunately I have nothing in my possession.. so we'll see.

From Siok Wei's place. =)
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