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the rest of the updates - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-01-21 02:07
Subject: the rest of the updates
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Tags:birthday, dinners, food, friends, futsal, movies, restaurants, wedding
I just came back from The comedy club KL @ PJ Live Arts.
It is awesome.
and it gets better and better from the word go.
Joanne Kam.. so-so. I think the 'host' Tarron? was better
Rob Brown - hilarious, irreverent and so very non-politically correct
Pierre Hollins - stitches literally half the time.
Thanks to JQ for telling me about it.
We had dinner at Bar Madrid before that.. She will have a review but omg .. I had a whole week's salt requirement met in just one dish.. bleagh
bumped into an old old tuition mate there too. Jonathan Hew. I haven't seen him in .. probably at least 10 years if not more. haha. He was there for the same show as well.

Good good show. It's on @ Zouk tomorow and the day after. Catch it if you can.

My last update was ages ago. A good 2 weeks ago and that means there'll be even more gaps.. lol

I accompanied YC for Sherlock Holmes (yes again) and had dinner at Otak-otak place @ Tropicana City Mall. I quite like the otak-otak fried rice there. I think it's very good value for money.

I know I was at Deutsche Gasthaus? (I probably got the name completely and absolutely wrong) with Kat for a bit of a catch up.

Collected free dinner from Cindy @ Oriental.. =) 2 months late is still okay la.. it's free food. lol

Had bbq dinner with the 2 married ladies @ some japanese restaurant in ss15. quite nice actually though it wasn't exactly cheap
we were gonna go to another place but that place was smaller and was already full by the time they arrived.

There was a wedding dinner in Banting.. sigh.. long long journey in a small car.. baad..

Took a half day to get some shopping done and hair cut and etc.. oh, one of the hairstylist there is pretty nice... =P

BKT @ Klang at a place called Lai Choon.. it's been a while since I went there.. lol

Some futsal and some gym time. Still sore from yesterday's session.

Attended a Salsa competition as a member of the audience. Good stuff. Lots of different styles in it. Shen Yi was one of the contestants and though she didn't win anything (I think there was some bias there), she still put on a good show. =)

ermm.. I-Lin's birthday was last week.. happy birthday I-Lin. She had her celeb (at least the one that I was invited for) at Bravo Bar ? @ Plaza Damas. There was a live act going on that night who happened to be her friend(s). She had some drinks and then the requisite Flaming Lambourghini and then she was gone.. lol
Jo's dad had his 60th bday do at Prince hotel. Theme was Shanghai Nights. All I could come up with was this 'chinese' top which I bought specifically for it. Didn't want to be accused of not conforming again.. nosirree.. =P
JQ should have some pics of us and some of me and Jo together. We don't take enough pics.. actually I don't take enough pics.. =) must remedy.
So it was Nick's bday last week as well=) Happy birthday budddddyyyyy...

Through it all, I actually lots my voice, regained it and sort of cracked it again..
excellent start to the new year.. =)
oh car's finally in the workshop. Now I wait for the 'new' paintjob in another 2 weeks time.. give or take a few days.. =)

ok bored already. g'nite
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