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It WAS that time of the year again.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2010-01-04 14:36
Subject: It WAS that time of the year again..
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Tags:dinners, movies, recap

Christmas has come and gone, so has New Year's day. =)

and thus begins my recap for the last 2 weeks of 2009.
Finally caught Law Abiding Citizen on DVD with YC on monday.
Gory, provocative. How far one person will go to prove a point and how flawed the justice system is.
Maybe the one in Malaysia isn't as flawed BUT it's seems a lot easier to circumvent if you wield sufficient clout.

Not sure what I did on tuesday but there was no futsal.
ditto for wednesday

Thursday night had dinner and caught Avatar with Mindy. Was at Oldtown @ the stroke of midnight.. =P

Friday was CHRISTMAS DAY!am drawing a blank. went for a wedding in klang. Some distant relatives.. It's funny this thing with distant relatives... even if i bump into them on the streets, I wouldn't know who they are... =) Had some drinks with Joo Bee after that.

Saturday was the 'potluck' over at Sue's place. 'potluck' was cancelled to be replaced by catering. Excellent spread. Good company. Very nice house. Oh and a gift exchange at the end of it. Got some Ferrero Rocher out of it.. lol

sunday general lazing about culminating in steamboat over at hongkie's place

notice my eyes are actually closed.

week beginning 28th
went for karaoke! with most of the bunch from the night before. Stayed too late..

FINALLY caught 2012 with I-Lin. It was still showing in midvalley.. phew. Okay la.. enjoyable show.. lol

Wednesday not sure..

Thursday night, Christmas eve, I had dinner at Grumps and then Transporter 3 for the after dinner entertainment. =)

Friday I went over to Sook Yee's place for some of her good homecooked food. There was a pretty interesting apple crumble available with blueberries and the like. I so declare it tastes like Ribena apple crumble.. =P Met my parents at Ikea after that to buy some fittings for the new place. Then went to see the sergeant about my earlier accident.

Saturday caught Sherlock Holmes. Witty repartee, astute observations. It was funny in a lot of parts. BUT I don't know why the people around us didn't find it as funny.. o_O'
Dinner before the movie with Wye Wah, Joa Quim and Faisal at Room 18. ok-la the food. JQ may have a food review for you in the near future. *edit* JQ put up her review.. read it here
We went to 798 after that for some drinks. Food there is horrendously overpriced.. lol but at least you get the real thing. (allegedly) Drinks were okay. The highlight might possibly be the band that was playing there. Their voices (guy and girl) were pretty good. They looked a little young but if we close our eyes, we can just about imagine that they weren't exactly who they are. Or something like that. There was a violinist too. She just swayed about until the songs that she did a solo on. A little superfluous..

Woke up late on sunday. Saw The Corpse bride and then had dinner. Went over to Alvin's place after that and played A Touch of Evil.

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