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week after week, nothing ever changes... =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-12-26 03:21
Subject: week after week, nothing ever changes... =)
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Tags:new house, recap, restaurants

The days are sorta blurring together for reasons unknown to me..
Maybe I've finally taken leave of my senses and finally stop being a tightarse..
oh wait
no such luck
probably just tired =)

I went to the gym last monday
and.. for some reason, people saw me this time round.. haha
sat down and chatted to JQ for a while. Saw Roger's gf there and then there was Ching Vun as well and not forgetting Mindy.
All of them said the same thing
"I've never seen you here before."


Ok so I'm not the most religious in my gym attendance y'know.. but I don't go there THAT few times.. =) It's just I've been slacking somewhat.. been busy and all that
had some starbucks after that with YC

Tuesday was uninformed cancelled futsal.. sigh
and then a little late night makan in pj oldtown.

Wednesday wasn't cancelled so yeah.. played futsal la duh.. =)

Thursday was the day off to do the house moving. See pictures here
And I ended up back in the office after lunch anyway.. =) Can't remember what I did at night.
The briefing as well as the first challenge for the treasure hunt was that night. Met my other team mate Tak Hoe that night as well. =)
nearly forgot too..
Had a very very last minute and impromptu  movie with Kelvin Y, we caught storm warriors. Lol.. I don't think I've seen a more pointless movie.. lol
From start till finish.. hack, chop, slash.. rahhhhhh!!!
story? what story? who NEEDS a story? Stories are for L-O-S-E-R-S.. =P
I'm guessing you get the drift by now. But it's entertaining la..

Friday was.. not sure what it was either.. lol
dinner with Cindy, Mindy and their granma. It was a nice dinner at Latest recipe @ Meridien. After that went for a drive about.
Went home and But I know I slept pretty early for my first drive hunt the following morning.

Saturday was the hunt proper
and it was fun and just a little frustrating and gotta make less mistakes in future. Thanks to Yeok Cheng, Wai Leng and Tak Hoe for being part of my team. We did alright.. =) Maybe next time eh? =)
I organised a little primary school reunion at night at PJ Hilton. Foong, Weng Hong, Meng Yeow, Horng Kang, Wee Foo, Alvin, Jason, Adillah, Halinna, and Fatmah showed up. Halinna brought along a guest as well, Hanna, her daughter. Very very cute and friendly. =) Can see her picture in facebook somewhere.
I remember what I did late at night though.. it was nice.

Can't remember what I did on sunday.. Maybe it'll come back but I dunno =) it came back... I was moving stuff from the old house to the new house. That's why I didn't remember it.. =P
Then had coffee with Jo-Lyn and Pat.
Dinner was with WL at Sanbanto @ SS2. There were apparently some pretty bad reviews but I don't know about that. I liked it. =)
food was certainly quite enjoyable and it's all pork too. hehe

Malas again.. ciaos
up next.. Law Abiding Citizen, Avatar... movie week ?

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