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and then and more then! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-12-15 22:54
Subject: and then and more then!
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Let's see if I got this right.
In the week that ended 6th Dec 2009

Wednesday night, slept at 3.30am and Thursday morning, woke up @ 6 to a wet blanket and discovered standing water..

Friday morning, flooded room + a serious drinker calling me at 4 am after i went to bed at 2 am..
Friday night I went to bed before 1am and got a 2.30 am call from a party animal asking for red box's number... and a caller at 5.55am saying "siapa ni?"

Sunday morning, just had to wake up early to have brunch + study session but slept late at 4am.. so woke up a bit later and finally had brunch at 11?
Sunday night, dieded at 10.30 and slept all the way till 7 ish..

In between all that, there was a steamboat at HK's place on a Saturday with more RockBand2.. Now I'm contemplating getting my own PS3 to play rockband.. lol.
Prem came to look for me to get her car sorted out plus me having to go change her tyres for her before that.. why WHY!?!?!?! =P
and I met I-Lin at Sid's for my dinner + her drinks.. lol. Good company nevertheless.
Can't remember what I did on Sunday besides getting my treasure hunt tutoring session. oh wait.. I remember now. KARAOKE! at Neway in SS15 =) with ermm.. Jo-Lyn, Phay Wen, Ken, U-Kien and Nic came later and Joa came even later. Not sure what I did for dinner... My parents were away that weekend.

Week beginning Dec 7th
Monday night slept at 1+ am but kept waking up every 2 hours or so.. bleagh
I had dinner with Wei Ing on a monday night. Absolutely poured.. oh my god! I got drenched just standing out there with an umbrella.. We ate at Pizza Uno in Centerpoint .. yay to free dinner.. lol
A few futsal sessions.
Some late night mamak sessions.
Thursday was the play "The Swimming Instructor" I felt that the performance was pretty good. Can feel the emotions as well and they fleshed out the roles quite well. Pun unintended.
Station 1 cafe for some songs and happy company.
And the requisite coffeebean sessions.

Saturday was a little nuts. After a very very very boring day at work, I went along with the SMTS alumni to visit an orphanage called Agathians Shelter. It was my first time going to a shelter. I didn't quite know what to expect. We unloaded a lot of stuff from various cars and then milled about for a bit as the kids had gone for a day trip and were on the way home.
A thought struck me then. What were we doing there? Were we doing it to ease our own guilt for having what the kids don't? Were we doing it to make ourselves feel good? Shouldn't we doing this more consistently instead of once every blue moon? I felt like a fraud all of a sudden then. sigh

We sang some songs together and I played mini football with a few of them. 'My' 2 kids were football fans. Their names were Dinesh Kumar and Prem Kumar and no they are not related. 12 and 14 respectively. =) They couldn't remember my name though.. lol I think they asked me around 10 times maybe. I think they liked their presents though. There were christmas gifts given to each and everyone of them. Most had something specific to them. So that was nice. I had to leave at 7.30pm was already running late for my obligatory attendance of my granma's bday dinner =) Didn't even have time to change. Steamboat dinner at I think the name was Grand Imperial? @ Plaza Damas. The soup stock was pretty good. I'll give them that =) In all, there were 5 tables. Went back to shower and change to head on over to 21 @ BSC for Hsiang Yang's small do.
Got there like 10 minutes to 12. Had 6 shots + 1 drink and left at 12.40? die.. I have not had so much to drink in a long while. Feeling a bit dizzy, I went to disturb a friend while passing out on the couch.. lol. Haven't done stupid things in a while. Though this wouldn't really really count. oh yeah bumped into Jo-Lyn and Karen there.

"Wah so happening come here?" (deliberately mangled english)
"Does that mean you're happening too since you're here?"
"yea" =)

There was a hen's night there as well. I was the guy sitting there alone so I think the hens picked up on that. was tasked with grabbing a chocolate off the bride to be with my mouth. By that time I was slightly intoxicated and was a feeling a little gung-ho. NOT that I did anything salah.. just seemed eager. But it was a really tame thing so that's that.

Sunday was the walk hunt. I couldn't really get up and I had a headache when I finally got up.. bleagh
Had breakfast at Papa John's Pizza. The wings there are REALLY good. GOOD I say. So we did the hunt. We didn't win anything but it was a good experience but the hunt was quite simple.. just got a little careless. Oh yeah my tutor the previous week was my partner. Thanks WL for being my partner =)
YC and XJ partnered each other while SY and Damien were the other pair.
After going to the new house and all that, had coffee again with Jo-Lyn. I eventually joined her and her parents for dinner at Leonardo's. Actually felt a bit paiseh to order.. lol. so ended up not quite ordering what I would have ordered had I been paying myself. But the appetizers spread was pretty yummy anyway so that was alright. Free food always good.

so that concludes the week ending Dec 13th =)

only another 15 days left for the year.. what will you do?
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