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pictures from damai laut and everywhere else - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-12-01 10:07
Subject: pictures from damai laut and everywhere else
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I am feelingboredbored
Tags:comedy, dinners, quotable quotes, restaurants, theatre
I finally posted them up onto my facebook account
I appear to be getting a tad lazy at putting it in my livejournal storage... hmm..

and the photos from my bday dinner at Unique seafood is up but I don't have a copy of it so I can't exactly post a link. *edit* Here you go. There's more on Facebook.

will say more later
This post have been in cold storage for a few days. I don't know what's gotten over me but I've suddenly become very lazy of typing things out.
What was once a weekly affair has dragged itself into a more than fortnightly thing.
But therer's still one compelling reason to document it all. My poor memory. ;-)

week ending 22nd Nov
After the previous mention of going to Qba for dinner, probably didn't spend all that much time at home i think. On thursday I don't know what happened. hmm.. I think I took my sister and my little cousin out for dinner. We went to Isaki and I found that there are pickier eaters than me out there. =)

On friday, I have no idea what I did.. it's been a little too long. My memory is bad that way.. lol. I had dinner at Cristang with a friend. We had a burger and some Nasi Lemak Goreng with bacon and chinese sausage. é pecador (please be correct). yumyum

Saturday was the day we celebrated Jo-Lyn's birthday at Mezze. Mezze is this new restaurant which is on the same row as Vintry which is behind Jake's Charbroiled ****.
*edit* pics from that nice night here!

The signage for the place is a little on the understated side which resulted in a slightly puzzled call.

"What's the name of the place?"

"It's called Mezze. Why?"

"Well, I'm here but I don't see it. Ok, I'll seach a little more."

*hangs up*

"What phantom restaurant did I call up to make a reservation?"

*shock horror*

The dinner itself was okay. NOT too pricey. Pretty reasonable still but in many instances, the starters were way better than the mains.
The list of attendees is pretty long. Thanks to JQ for organising the dinner. =)
People who showed up, I-Lin, Me, JQ, Karen, Ean, U-Kidd, Phay Wen, Faisal, Pat, Eu Jin, Nicola, U-Kein, Shirley, Chen Hoe, JJee. Somehow it feels like I'm missing someone.. Nicky!
After dinner was the obligatory partying at Zouk. But I think it's safe to say that the bunch who went were not exactly on the game that night. That is besides me. Everyone knows I don't dance. I'm just the official bag carrier, designated driver, certified support provider and free bodyguard type. =)
It was Ken, Fai, Ean, Me, JQ, Karen, Mel and the birthday girl. The DJ didn't help matters though. He was on some sort of mission to sample the most number of genres in the worse possible mixed up order.
We had a bit of supper after that and went back home.
I finally got home at i think 5am.. it's been a while.. hehe. Old ppl's don't do crazy shit like this.. lol. Pictures should be along eventually.

Sunday morning, there was some food at Jo's house. yumyum.. =)
Then settled in for a bit of Zombieland. I didn't finish watching it. Went home instead.
Dinner was at Supertanker to celebrate my sister's and my cousin's birthdays.
We do this nearly every year. I think it's a pretty nice family tradition.

Week ending 29th November

Monday.. Had lunch with Jo-Lyn at the chicken rice place in Solaris. and then hmm.. I think I actually went to the gym after a really long hiatus.
Tuesday went for futsal. Had mamak after that due to a mix up that resulted in me not having any dinner..
More futsal on wednesday.
Thursday had a visitor for lunch. Had the neighbourhood seafood noodles. At night it was off to TAS for "The One Thing I Don't Have Right Now.." which was written and directed by Gavin Yap. I enjoyed it and we went to Werner's along Changkat Bukit Bintang after that for some late night snacking and drinks... WWL organised this one so thanks to her for organising it. I even had the opportunity to speak to Gavin Yap after the show and I think he seemed genuinely happy with my faint praise of it being 'different' from the norm.

Friday was a public holiday. Had pork noodles for brunch. We waited for about 40 minutes before we got our food. I went to Ipoh for a wedding dinner with my parents. There was one hot chick there. Nice height, good figure, pretty face. Didn't get a chance to speak to her though, I'm shy that way. ;) Got back in under 1 and a half hours. yay!

Saturday was Bulljit. 16 people for the show. The show was alright. I think in terms of funny funny, Douglas Lim is probably funnier. Jit Murad is more the.. witty with a touch of crassness. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this right. The show ran on till nearly 11.30pm. There was a special appearance by his alter ego, Renee Choi who was pretty funny. Had some mamak after that with half of the people who went for the show.

Sunday had a very late Kuay Teow lunch. Skipped out on Paintball. Then there was a 'good with hands' demonstration and oh my accident. Silly old man stuck the front of his car out at the junction. I couldn't stop in time. Sigh.. Certainly an eventful week. Had dinner with WWah at Damas. It's always good to catch up =)

Week starting November 30th

Went to make my police report. Met up with Ken for a short while after that before heading back to the office. Had dinner with Jo Lyn in tow and then ended up having coffee in Kiara after that.
Futsal on Tuesday.
Had lunch out in PJ SS2 before meeting the sergeant at the police station. It was the old man's fault.. Futsal on Wednesday. Picked up an ankle strain for my troubles.
Been skipping meals.. =) Appetite hasn't been all that great but I think it was just a minor/short-lived aberration.
Played Rock band 2 yesterday at Ed's place. HK came by a bit later. Good stuff. Cam played with us as well. The singing was pretty easy. The drums on medium is a nightmare and I just cannot follow the notes on the guitar to save my life. But it was fun.. really fun. We laughed a lot =)

Oh and my room has been flooded 2 days in a row. I suspect a leaking roof. Couple that with the constant rains over the past couple of days and yea... it's not a pretty sight. It's just a corner of the room but still.. I don't wanna wake up in the middle of a pond everyday. We're scheduled to move this month.. I think it's the house's way to encourage us to get out asap. There has many little things failing over the past 2-3 years. hmm..

So yea.. that's it

Oh, picked this up from some forum. I like it
"When life gives you lemons, some people make lemonade. I just eat them and make a sour face."

and then there's this one
"Love is the answer, isn't it? But, sex raises a lot of very interesting questions...”
-Alfred Kinsey, from Kinsey (2004)

that's all for now folks.. In the next update, The Swimming Instructor, steamboat, karaoke, walk hunt, orphanage visit, grandma's birthday, visiting a camp..
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