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Today I got a KITTEN =) it's black with eyes that change from blue to… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-02-03 22:20
Subject: (no subject)
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Today I got a KITTEN =) it's black with eyes that change from blue to green to gray.. and you get the idea.. =) and it has white paws and a white underbelly.. long haired though.. so it's gonna shed like mad =) Bought it at Pet's Paradise in Highpoint shopping centre for 95 bucks.. pretty cheap =) But before that I had one of the most awful lunches ever at Hot plate cafe i think next to Nando's in HighPoint. It's worse than airplane food.. This little kitten is very active.. Shan and Daphne's one was more timid.. =) This one was crawling around the car and right now after eating it's madly frisky though the collar with the bell is gonna annoy me when I go to sleep.. and it's still jumping up and down.. =P Oh I named it Serendipity or Ser for short.. pronounced Sar as in sarah .. =) Then I went for some pitch n putt.. i think that's what it's called.. it was mini golf.. plus a bit of wedge action.. it was horrendous or rather I was horrendous at it..
Did I mention that Ser is very mad? =) it's wrestling with the cushions and the cushion is winning.. =) flipping it back and forth... hahaha Oh yeah.. then I had dinner at Sawasdee.. I love the prawns there... yumm... =)
That's about it for today..
=) Ciao.. I'll post a picture of Ser soon
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