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continuing... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-11-02 19:07
Subject: continuing...
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Tags:comedy, dinners, movies, recap, restaurants, theatre
Saturday night,
attended MACC. It was good stuff. Douglas Lim and Kuah JenHan were doing their thing. The other guy apparnetly had chicken pox so it became a 2 person act but no matter, DL actually went over the allotted time and it was just lots of laughs. There were some lows, some things which isn't really funny/decent to touch on but generally they got it right.  Among the highlights "You can why I cannot?", "Yellow" and lots more.
After that, headed to Alvin's new place. That night was the night. He proposed and she accepted. There was a little bit of shenanigans in between and a successful surprise attempt by some of us at the new place. Congrats you 2. We played a bit of Xbox while we were there. DoA ftw!.. lol. had a bit of supper after that

Sunday, probably didn't do lunch. met pat, ken and jo-lyn for a movie at 1U, caught Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs in 3D. Then had dinner with ken at dragon-i at the curve. I am so uber-forgetful that I actually left the router on the chair when we left the restaurant.. le sigh.

monday night - watched borat at YC's place.. maybe not such a good idea to sit through it..

tuesday night - watched the proposal also at YC's place.. much lighter fare when compared with the one yesterday.

wednesday night - had some svedis meatballs with Kath at Ikea: home of swedish innovation.. no really.

thursday accompanied YC to makan @ kopitiam

friday was at Central Market for the KL singsong with Pat and WWL which is actually more precisely @ annexe gallery (good stuff) Had dinner before that at the OM cafe. It's pretty decent. Will try the other stuff there when I get the chance. Had yumcha with WWL after that.

Saturday was a pretty slack day. Coffee after work + Dinner and Jazz at Alexis Ampang later that night. In attendance, Jo-Lyn, Joa Quim, U-Ken? and Nicola? U-Kidd and Phay Wen. My lasagne was okay but it was a mite small. I was left feeling hungry after that.
Pretty tired though.. longish night the night before and I don't like the singer. He didn't even remember the lyrics of the songs that he was gonna sing. I mean come on.. wth sheesh.. The band was much better. much much

Sunday early morning Karaoke at Neway in 1U.. All of a sudden, I seem to be in 1U a fair bit. After K, walked around a bit, bought my boots... A jungle trekking we will go.. =D
w00t. then had dessert and went home soon after. Ended up in Kiara for coffee after a short while with Jo and Ean and then I had dinner with parents and some relatives.. easy sunday night.

Oh and MU won.. all is well.. =P

Now I'm waiting for dinner.. I've heard a lot about that strawberry shortcake.. I'm gonna go makan it later.. yay =)
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