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You make me smile like the sun - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-10-18 22:14
Subject: You make me smile like the sun
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I am feelingsoresore
Listening toThe Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved
Tags:birthday, food, memorable, movies, restaurants, theatre
past 2 weeks
me no no remember muchie but in the end, most of it will be here.

There was "Wacky Bar" which had a pretty large cast. All in all a pretty good performance.
Each with their own story to tell. Caught that with Xiao Jin and Shen Yi

Caught Surrogates with another bunch of ppl.. Movie was so-so.
Jo-Lyn, Joa Quim, Pat, Shen Yi, Xiao Jin and .. Azlin?
Had mamak with a few of them at SS2 mamak. Haven't been there in yonks.

Oh Heng Wai's finally left.
I don't think 3 times a week worth of Mahjong can make it..
lol... too lazy la these days.

Last weekend, we celebrated Sook Yee's birthday over at Frangipangi. I didn't make dinner but I was there for the post-dinner stuff.
Thanks to Sue-Ann for making all the necessary arrangements. Cupcakes and dinner reservation and all that. It was a nice place. =)

Also in this week, my first futsal session in 3 weeks. It was a good run out. Made a lot of assist and only 1-2 goals to my name.

Oh also attended one theatre thing (It was a musical recital) over at the NEW Actor's Studio location. For some odd reason though, I had my mind fixed on 'The Mall' as Lot 10 for which I'm still getting grief over.

"How do you get there huh?"
"Take the lift up at 'Dome'."

"Excuse me, where is 'Dome'?"
"We don't have a 'Dome' here sir, only a "Starbucks"

That's how I figured out that I was at the wrong place. Sigh. Actually not really. The realisation only hit me like.. 2 mins later.

The recital was pretty damn good. Only let down were the mics which kept dying. The acoustics in the place was pretty good as well.
Had some mamak session after that with WWL, Wendy, Kat and Boon.

Had lunch with YC at Cristang on a Saturday. Food was good. We skipped the soup as per Joa's suggestion. I ordered the 'porcupine', a P3 burger (we no like petai) and also a baconrib ambila curry which was the special of the day. Everything was good and there's quite a few more items on the menu there that we were thinking of giving a go so .. probably be going back.
It's non-halal btw and the prices are reasonable. Parking is ample as Avenue 8 is still pretty dead.

Had paintball today after a 6? month hiatus. Borrowed Eu Jin's marker.. man it's heavy.. lol. It's a sweet market but could have been better with a harness for the marker.. so heavy..
Got up at 7 this morning and actually woke up at 3.30am. It was raining pretty heavily. Rain + Jungle = MUD.. bleh
had a bit of breakfast before heading to the venue. Paintball Valley in Taman Botani (Bukit Cerakah) is the alternative name I think.
We were there till 5+. There's ONE video that MK took of Doug getting taunted. It's already on FB.. hehe.
I am exhausted.. lol. Now I have to figure out how to clean Eu Jin's marker.

I'm already done with Week 3 of the program. No difference with teh midriff yet.. Food already generally cut down already. but still nothing! Also doing weights at the gym .. how la.. no difference. So demotivating.

I think I will do that 3.5km run. After all, it's the time for doing different things

so yeah..
that's enough words for now.
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