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yet another instalment of the hum-drum - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-09-27 16:16
Subject: yet another instalment of the hum-drum
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I am feelingboredbored
Tags:friends, memorable, recap, wedding
I think I'm gonna get lazy soon and stop posting updates.. such is the transient nature of soojin's efforts..

So last monday was the continuation of the Damai Laut trip. After lazing about, we checked out of the place at 12ish and headed over to Lumut for lunch. Lumut is so touristy!!
wow.. Haven't been there in forever and what a big dramatic change.
came back to kl then .. dunno what happened already.. lol. We went to Oldtown for a bit of a drink and some food before headed home. I think that night I played some 'Acquire' again at Alvin's house.

tuesday still a public holiday.. i think nothing was done as always.. or I may have had a yumcha with HorngKang and then went to grab a haircut.. I don't like the mini afro look which happens after my hair grows abit longer -_-"
Hopped over to see the little monster.. The mommy and her weren't home.. sigh. Had a bit of bbq courtesy of BK's spanking new BBQ set while I was there. "It grills, it broils, it pan-fries, it bakes, wow.. "
Went for Karaoke at pyramid with yc and xj.. I think i need to take singing lessons

wednesday was the beginning of work. Not sure what I did at night.. lol

Thursday was the half day for my 2nd evaluation then the stag night.
We went to Neway Puchong and say songs until 1 am then went back to Horngkang's place for RockBand.. HONEST!

Friday was the operation.. My 2nd eval came back positive and I went right ahead with it. =)
I slept the night through until the next morning. The procedure is not something I want to do again.. To those of you who've done it.. "Give me some passive resistance" -_-"
And I think the fact that the night before I had barely any sleep contributed to me being extremely sensitive to light. bleagh.. not good when they need to have very very bright lights shining into your eyes to make sure they are headed in the right direction.

Saturday morning was the big day for Horng Kang. I gave him an almighty scare when I gave him a call at 7.30am and asked him to get someone to give me a ride there.. =P
I was the designated driver for the .. bridal car.
Got there, played the games (drink vinegar, eat bitter gourd, some push-up/banana eating going on as well, very spicy chilli tuna on crackers, some odd mixture that we had to drink, singing pokerface at her door... and a few others. Those 'sisters' were very materialistic. Nearly every other word that came out was like 'lai see' *rolls eyes*
There should be some picture up on FB. I'll see if I can snag some later. Everything went without a hitch. There were at least 5 photographers + 1 video guy. I think all in, there were about 18-20 'brothers' and about 10 'sisters'. But we were a pretty tame bunch... haha
There were naturally a lot of pictures taken. Between all the photographers and all. There were even some taken in the gym at the clubhouse.. lol. The day was getting a little warm.

After everything, I went for my check-up and then headed to the office. went home after that. Night time was the pre-wedding thingie at my cousin's.
She's also getting married and the dinner is tonight. sigh
Horngkang n Jade's dinner is also tonight. Guess who gave me the earlier notice.. =P

Here's to a succeesful night.
Congrats to the married ppl

i think that's it.
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