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man.. malas - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-09-09 01:36
Subject: man.. malas
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Tags:dinners, recap, trips
Monday is so far away now that I can't remember what i did..
it might come to me.. but hey, i'm not crossing my fingers yea?
I think I had my haircut.. sheesh.. i don't remember leh..
Might have gone to the gym. knnccb.. old liao.. can't remember. I know I had to run to the new house and decide on something.. oh wait that was on Sunday..
I know it was Merdeka day but there was nothing much to celebrate. Might have just stayed at home I guess.
crap I feel old.. OH YEA!!
I remember now!
little niece's first birthday! meh..
so the order was gym.. an unknown possibly no lunch, hair cut, and niece's bday at my uncle's house. wooo ..

Tuesday was futsal.. wait there was no futsal. I went to play basketball.. no wait I didn't play basketball. I played futsal!

Wednesday there was no futsal.. I remember *shaking fists at non-attendees* Instead I did paperwork.

Thursday was dinner

Friday was a meet up with Lai Lyn. Z and wife came, as did Joa, Pat, JJee, Ken. We had dinner at this braised duck place in pj state.
played some Acquire after that

saturday.. oh yeah =) went for a food trip to malacca + supposed to be pd and seremban but ended up only in malacca. Dinner was satay celup followed by a walk in Jonker street. Met a customer there. Then we went to the Portugese settlement for supper! Stayed at one of the mess(dorms) that's available around. A total of 11 ppl went. Mainly colleagues with some non-colleagues.
Sunday, lunch was chicken rice balls. and then a bit of a walkabout before going for dessert. I met a collegemate there or rather she spotted me and then had a friend call out? I sorta forgot her name but it came to be much much later. =) Lydia. I jogged over and chatted for a brief like 2 mins and bade them goodbye.
Failed in eating pork satay. Maybe some other time.

Went to seremban for dinner. Baked crabs, sauteed pork knuckle and etc.. hmm.. i'm getting hungry
anyway, some pics here
Arrived at 8+ ? Played some Acquire again.. I didn't win again by the narrowest of margins. le sigh

ok that's it

There were some birthdays too.. happy birthday to you lot..
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