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On this 10th - 16th August week of 2009 A.D. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-08-17 01:52
Subject: On this 10th - 16th August week of 2009 A.D.
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I am feelingannoyedannoyed
Tags:birthday, celebration, dinners, food, friends, recap, restaurants, saturday dinners, theatre
Traffic in PJ is getting worse..
but then I guess I am contributing to it.
Single Occupancy Vehicle for teh win.

Was gonna have dinner with YC but then took me an hour plus to get home on monday then damn malas already to get stuck somemore to get to her place.
But I did end up going over later. Caught some House. Season finale.. House checked himself into the looney bin. Jennifer Morrison's character got married with.. the aussie guy.
and... that's it

If last week was the ONs day, this week was the off day. I can't remember ever playing so lethargically.. ever. Did go home and then off to Alvin's for some acquire. I don't think I plan things very well. I just go with whatever I feel like doing which won't exactly win me many games.. but I won't end up last either.

another dreadful game of futsal. 'nuff said.

"When all else fails, we don't" - cheesy line of the year award..
Caught it with Jo-Lyn, Wye Wah, Ken @ the Curve
G.I. Joe is good. Entertaining.. slightly less dumb than Transformers but it's all good.
We had a bit of dinner before that at Kim Gary..
all I have to say about K.G. is.. nyeh.
My car got swiped while double parked outside my office.

already got it fixed =)

caught "THAT’S THE WAY I LIKE IT" - 3 Short Plays About Sexuality @ Annexe Gallery in Central Market
It was a pretty good performance.
First one was called "Bed" - powerful stuff.. provoking too.. and a bit salah. Not so much the homosexual content but the fact that all 3 of them share the same bed. The guy in the middle in selfish while the other 2 are giving everything, all encompassing, accepting, forgiving love.. It's not fair. Whatever happened to love being between 2 people? This is a 1+1 (+1). It was done in a sort of retrospective view with a mix of live and some videos + picture montage. Raw emotions.

2nd one was called "Drive" - an adaptation of Paula Vogel's Tony award-winning 1997 play "How I Learned To Drive" (I never caught the award winning show so I have no idea how much was actually adapted from it). This one was funny and I have to say that both the actors have got pretty good comic timing. They had the audience in stitches while going about revealing the awakening/learning of a young girl's sexuality as taught by her aunt.

3rd one was called "XX, XY or X?" This one was the most 'ordinary' of the 3. Ordinary not because of the acting but because of the subject matter. 1st one had heterosexuality + homosexuality. 2nd had homosexuality. 3rd was just vanilla heterosexuality. A married couple are going through a rough patch. Porn becomes a point of reference and the interesting part about this was the dialogue. They used the dialogue twice but with a change in tone and context, it gained another meaning. Good one.

All in all, it was good value. I ran a little late due to various little reasons. Apologies to YC for waiting for me at the entrance. Thanks to YC and latterly Wai Leng for letting me in on the show. I even bought a t-shirt which has Sexuality Merdeka emblazoned across it. I'm not sure if I'll ever wear it. Shy la..
After the show, the actors were mingling around. Ruza Jajuli knew someone from our group? or I'm not too sure but she was talking to us and then giving us a bunch of jokes.. She is hilarious.. Lol.
2 things that I'll remember. How to spot a good girl vs a bad girl. And also Kedinding... =)
It was nice meeting James, Wendy and Gary.

Had a bit of food at Soong Kee beef noodles. Not so good.. Thanks to James for dropping me off at Sentral station. Much appreciated. =)

Saturday - yet another crap futsal day.. something wrong with me during the past week. No intensity whatsoever. sigh. I organised dinner that Saturday night. Originally I had wanted to go to Las Vacas as Cindy had told me that there was cheap cheap meat to be had there. BUT after confirming with some 11 other souls, I found out that they close at 6pm on a Saturday.. sigh.
Went to Louisiana in the end. I have to say, the food generally is pretty good and the servings are generous... BUT the soup is bland and had starch blobs in it. Yeatch.. I took some pictures and will post it up soon.. it's nearly 2 am and I have to finish this before I forget.. haha. All in all, I'd go back again. It's at Kelana Jaya Plaza right next to Grumps.

Thanks to JJee n Sharon, Suren, Wye Wah, Floyd n Carolyn, Sook Yee n Chen Hoe and his friends Shirley and .. blank for joining me for dinner. Hope it was as good for you as it was for me. =)
LDP traffic was horrible that night. Some event was happening at Sunway Pyramid and traffic was backed up all the way along the LDP.. gah. Called it a night after dinner. Very tired.

Sunday - took my supplier and his wife out to lunch. I didn't know where Hotel Malaya was before this and now I do.. I circled around for about half an hour before giving up trying to enter Jalan Hang Lekir. Took them to Heong Kee. They said they enjoyed it so we'll take that at face value. But the food was pretty good that day. Sent them home after that and went home for a nap.
Had dinner with Alicia to celebrate her birthday. It was an enjoyable meal and the food was good. But I think my Rack of Lamb edged it a little over the Duck Confit.
Had coffee with Jo-Lyn and Chris after that.

Lots of good food (a bit much) over the weekend. Tomorrow I will see the interior of the gym.. yessirree..

*pictures from Grumps*
*pictures from Louisiana*
sorry la.. not a very dedicated food blogger.. some pics will suffice.. =P
I'll probably get around to naming them eventually.. There's a pasta pesto shrimp, rosemary lamb shoulder, mixed grill, philly cheese steak sandwich, grilled rack of lamb.
I didn't get around to taking the rest.. Was REALLY hungry from all the waiting.. =) Anyway.. go there if you're in the area. It's worth at the very least a visit.
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