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lalalala.. *drumroll* THE WEAK THAT WAS!!!! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-08-11 01:33
Subject: lalalala.. *drumroll* THE WEAK THAT WAS!!!!
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I am feelingchipperchipper
Tags:friends, recap, restaurants, theatre
so.. lemme see
another week has passed
the ritual begins anew.

what have i done.. i mean what were the things that I did..
hmm.. that still isn't coming out right..
bugger it

monday night - dinner with WWW. went to rakuzen and makan jap food. it was fun(ny)?

tuesday night - i was on fire.. in my mind anyway.. dribbling, tracking back, taking shots.. scoring.. PHWOAR!!!

wednesday night - got royally pissed at my teammates. I think I screamed at them a lot.. whoops..

thursday night - played acquire.. Only manage runner's up.. never won a game.

friday night - A Shameless Covers Night - An acoustic collaboration between Mia Palencia, Melina William, Reza Salleh and Zalila Lee
T'was GOOD.. thumbs up.. Really enjoyed it.. I'll jump on the bandwagon now and say this.. "Sabre Riders!!" (Jo-Lyn, Joa Quim, Floyd, Pat, Albert and me)
then some late night makan at Station 1. Oh and I bumped into a few people there. Some I don't remember the name of and on yeah Debbie. Saw her there too.

Saturday was pushing it a little.
After work, futsal.
Then to KL for Joa Quim's bday dinner at Rama V.. food's pretty good.. though it's not gonna ever be the cheapest food you'll ever eat (grammatical errors are ignored in this sentence). Nice little turn-out (Joa Quim, Ken, Jo-Lyn, Karen, Faisal, Albert and me. JJ and Sharon, Chen Hoe and Sook Yee came by later after we were done with dinner). There were also a parade of Ferrari(s) up front. We stayed there until it closed. Then there was a little bit of an incident when we left. Pat who was on the way to the place pulled over by the road outside. "PAIP BOCOR" as they call it. =) It only happens to him. lol.
And I was running on little sleep so I think I was either
a. amusing,
b. annoying to the ppl at dinner

I crashed promptly after dinner. Just stoning there until we left. lol.

Sunday - Brunch with Shen Yi at this little place called Grumps. Italian restaurant with PORK, got some pictures but will have to do this later, afternoon with Sharon who was visiting from Sg, Dinner with her and Yeok Cheng and King at Kayu. Early night but couldn't sleep. sux

and that concludes yet another week.

Happy birthday to Joa Quim, Kathleen, Cousin Shea-li (grats on the new baby boy, Reagen, yes I'm an uncle.. again), Alicia. in birthdate order. Next week's one can wait k?

yes it is a mighty short one. till next time.
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