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actually.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-08-05 01:12
Subject: actually..
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I am feelingtiredtired
Listening toChris Daughtry - What About Now
Tags:birthday, dinners, food, friends, isa, random, recap, restaurants
I've gone back to being lazy to post again.. =)
so much so that all that I've posted in the past week was a quotation I picked up somewhere.
It is something that I wonder about.
Maybe it's a male ego thing. We want to matter

so.. picking up where I left off..

Met with HK for yumcha on Monday
Tuesday was futsal where I did my utter most to not score. seriously.. it'd have been easier to score than to not.. and i managed it not once, not twice but.. 5 times i think.
at least. -_-"
Wednesday was more futsal.. I pole-axed someone.. or 2.. i'm not sure. Wednesday futsal is a wee bit more fullblooded than usual. =)
Thursday I actually went out of the office and had lunch with a long-time friend. We always end up not talking for the longest time and then .. just reconnect again and then just pck up where we left. and to think I've already known her some ... 10-11 years.. OMG where did the time go?
dinner was with Wei Ing, I think I haven't seen her in yonks.. always nice to catch up

Oh i mentioned some jap restaurant in the .. greater? hartamas area? I managed to get the name wrong. It's called Isaki and here's a proper food review for you.

Friday night was the night I had dinner with Jo-Lyn, Joa Quim and Z.. at Tasting Room at Jalan Bangkung in the Bangsar area. I liked my lamb dish.. I cannot remember the name but it was yummeh.. !!!!!
the starter that I had, some mushroom bruschetta thing was awesome and but the chilli prawn tapas that I had was so-so..
For the record, I still don't know why ppl drink wine.. Jo said I need to drink it more as it is an acquired taste. .. why would I want to do that though.. it's expensive. o_O
Z was very good with the entertainment.. a constant stream of puns. I had an enjoyable night. lol

Getting to dinner was another matter altogether. There were frigging roadblocks everywhere! WTF man.

Saturday I think I overdid it a little.. work then a super early wedding dinner at banker's club in the heart of KL.. roadblocks did not help one iota. But we did arrive at the alloted time. (read 6pm) Dress code was formal so brought the jacket and tie along. Then remembered that we're in Malaysia. If they don't wear slippers to your 'formal' dinner, then it's the war won. seriously.
There were ppl wearing sneakers, jeans, polo-t.. come on it's written formal. Get the concept already.

Then 2 birthdays after that. JJee's first. Made it in time for the cake cutting. =)
Next one was Ian's at SoMo. ok.. at the risk of sounding superficial, chickas galore but oddly enough they were seated sort of bunched/in an unbroken row.
I'd have thought they'd be mingling or at the least give the numerous guys in the vicinity opportunity to mingle instead of being inaccessible literally.
Me, Pat, Jo, Joa didn't really know anyone else there and we did felt a little on the warm side and a few of them were dying for a coffee so skeedadled over to CB and had a drink before going back there. Birthday boy by this point wasn't very coherent I think.. lol
But I guess there's love. Lots of ppl there.
urm.. oh Karen was there too =)

sunday... what did i do on sunday.. oh yeah
had lunch with what's her name.. Meng Jan! at the curve. She'd just recover from some flu so we had.. 'light' food
The tag line read "No additives". I shudder when they say that. Sent her home after that. Took the opportunity to find out where the DUKE highway led to and now i know.

This is the tale of the boardgame and one man's quest for it.
"So do you know where to buy boardgames ah?"
"Yea as a matter of fact, there's a place in Seapark that specialises in boardgames. Eu Jin knows it well."

text msgs later, he finds out that it's near Paramount/Giant hypermarket as it is known now above a BKT place.
It's not opened.
"dude is it usually open on sundays?" (3pm)
"yea it usually is. Tell you what, I'll give you the owner's number"

a minute later,
"Hi is this Mr. ### of ####"
"Yes it is."
"Hi there, I'm actually looking to buy a boardgame but you don't appear to be open today."
"Yea today was an unusual case, we had an emergency close" (that line doesn't make sense i know)

"So you're actually not open today."
"Yea so sorry."

*laughs somemore*
"I'm actually looking for this game?"
"Oh we don't actually carry that, it's under hasbro and you'll actually be able to find it in Toys'R'Us."
"They didn't stock it."
"That's odd, but I did see it last night at Isetan in KLCC"

"KLCC you say, any place nearer to PJ"


Eu Jin called after that and I regaled the story to him. Turns out he was in Plaza Damas and he'll go look for it. As luck would have it. They had it at the Toys'R'Us there.. woohoo
Problem solved. So I got the boardgame already.. =)
*end of short story*

If you're still reading, I'm mildly impressed... =)
Had coffee at CB until about dinner time with Pat. Dinner was with parents and friends.. I think there's just about no other way that I could waste 4 hours of my life more.. pathetically.

popped over to Alvin's house after that for a bit of 'Acquire'
Did incredibly bad in the first game. But salvaged some pride in the 2nd game. 46k babeh.. =P

and that ends the week that was..
till next time, you intrepid readers you.

"Stay with me,
Or watch me bleed,
I need you just to breathe."
Secondhand Serenade - Like a Knife
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