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The week that was - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-07-27 01:54
Subject: The week that was
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Monday was the RoM itself proper
woke up a little earlier than usual so that I wouldn't be late
got to KY's house and ..

"eh you're on time, was planning to leave at 8.15 but told you guys 8am since the other jokers are always late"


then I got a call informing me that I took the only set of office keys with me. My sister left the other set at the office.

So I waited at the LDP outside the Curve and soon enough she came by. I thought she was gonna pull over in front of me and get it from me by getting out of the car. She pulled up along side and I hurriedly threw it to her. AND she had the temerity to ask me why was I not going to work.. come on.. you're obstructing traffic. have a little sense??!?

So I told her to just go... sheesh.

so we had brekkie and then only we left. I did warn him that it was a lot quicker for her to get to Putrajaya then for us to get there.
sure enough.. a phone call came in..

"We just got on the NKVE, you're there already?"


we got there without further ado.
Got the number, took quite a bit of photos
got called and went into the officiating room.
By then I was designated the photographer and I was snapping happily away. I like the camera.. I think I'll go buy one.. =D
So the .. I don't know what to refer to her as, the official? got proceedings underway. They signed documents. All the while I kept snapping away.. whee
I think I took some 60-70 photos in the half hour that the camera was in my hands. Oh and they swapped rings too. Nearly missed that part out.

Then it was official.
They were married. After 10 years of dating. 10 years and 1 day actually of dating, they are finally legally husband and wife.
After that, we had lunch before going our separate ways. I would post the pictures if I had them but I think I'll go steal it from KY one of these days.

So congrats to Kelvin and Siok Wei. =) It's been a long time coming and as the saying goes,"Wait until the neck also grew longer" (disclaimer: literal translation is not conducive to proper grammar)

headed to work after that. Not sure what I did if any that night.

tuesday - futsal
wednesday - futsal
thursday - dinner with floyd n chen hoe n sook yee. and then yumcha with jo-lyn and pat
friday - went to see my alleged god-daughter, tan kate lynn. gave her her gifts too. She loved it =) spent an hour there and OJA and BK showed me around the extension to their house as well. Looks quite nice.
Saturday - work, snuck off to lunch party, back to work, futsal, dinner with WW, Pat, Ken and then some drinks at Oldtown. Dragged Pat kicking and screaming along with us to Harry Potter.
I really say this too much but.. "that's it?" in reference to the movie.
Sunday - gah! lol.. for the first part anyway.. i then spent nearly the entire evening at CB Kiara in the company of Jo, Karen, Ian and Ean and his brother came by, some of said brother's friends and then Pat and finally Eu Jin showed up. Bumped into Audrey there as well. After the blank look the last time she showed me when I bumped into her at BV, I was a little wary of getting the same response so I just didn't say anything. When most of them left, she actually called out though.. we had a brief convo and I pointed out to her that I bumped into her at BV and she doesn't remember it at all -_-"
so that's that.
had dinner with jo at izaya? in hartamas. quite nice.. They serve pork. AND the service is more than adequate.
called it a night after that.

Why is the timestamp on my post 1.53am?
I can't sleep..

no rest for the wicked.
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