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Penny wise, pound foolish. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-06-19 11:51
Subject: Penny wise, pound foolish.
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I am feelingaggravatedaggravated
This is a tale of an uninformed fool who thought that the cheaper option is the better option. Little did he know that there are many unsavoury characters our there who will do the dodgiest thing that may not even occur to him. There are different qualities, standards and even the workmanship will differ.

Tale #1

“Sir, your bla-bla#1 needs replacing and while we’re doing that, you should change that as well and also this and this and this… ad infinitum”

10k and 2 month later, the car breaks down again.

“Maybe we should take it to another mechanic to have a look at it.”

“Sir, you said you had this all changed to brand new? These have not been touched in a while. Are you sure he changed those parts?

Tale #2

“Oh yes, this is original. You can trust me on that.”

4k and 6 weeks later, same thing breaks down.

“I don’t understand what’s wrong but nevermind, I’ll just swap a brand new one for you F.O.C. but you’ll understand that I have to charge you labour for this. Don’t worry this is all original parts.”

2 months later, it breaks down again.

“Let’s take it into the Manufacturer’s workshop.”

“Sir, this is not original parts. How much did you pay for it?”


“But the original is only 2.5k”


Moral of the story.
Rely on the integrity of the individual that you are dealing with. Sometimes even the manufacturer’s workshop will do the dodgiest of things. I do a lot of chest thumping because I know what I’m dealing with and I don’t deceive people..
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