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entire month in almost one nutshell - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-05-28 01:00
Subject: entire month in almost one nutshell
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Tags:birthday, futsal, quotable quotes, trips, updates
for the rest of my trip..
I guess I should post it anyway since I'm liable to forget.

I can't remember what we did on Tuesday.I remember now what I did on tuesday. We went to the Zoo. took the tram up AFTER*(see footnote) having hotdog at Vic Mart. We saw orang-utans. Yes we flew 8 hours to another country to see a species indigenous to our country.. yeap. Dinner was with WynNi's friend. I can't remember her name anymore. Anyway, the name of the restaurant is 'pekopeko' and it's over in St.Kilda. A little off St. Kilda road and they serve taiwanese food. Place was quite full when we got there but we did manage to get a table. so.. chat chat then dinner over, went back and that was that.

Wednesday, had that meeting in Tasmania with a supplier. They flew me in and out so it was alright. It was productive but nothing is finalised just yet.
Dinner was with Maggie and Vincent at Papa Gino's. Then dessert at a gelati place that served a few kinds of un-gelati-like flavours. E.g. Durian.. =) Note that up until this point, I have not yet had my beloved souvlaki. You'd think that the amount of times that I rave about it, I'd actually be eating it until I'm blue in the face. BUT strangely I wasn't too fussed about it. I did however pop over to Lambs which was just a little ways up from the gelati place and bought JUST the meat.
lovely spiced lamb. How I miss thee.. let me count the ways. Not =P

Thursday was the day of the musical. Again drawing a blank with the daytime activity. Possibly this was the Melbourne Zoo day. Since I've inserted Melbourne Zoo there, I don't quite know what to fit in here. Perhaps it was the Southern Cross station that we went to. Walked around abit. This can probably be verified by looking at the credit card bills.. I did buy something there. I think I may have seen Melissa there as well. But like most ppl, no one seems to recognise me and I just let her go without calling out to her. I don't know why. I also saw my neighbour from back in Brookes Gillespie. Her name eludes me but she was doing a music major in Melbourne Uni which I thought was pretty awesome. Dinner was with WM at this awesome place called very imaginatively 'Spicy Fish' -_-" They serve Szechuan stuff and it's really appetising. We had a little bit of time after that so we had WM come over to the apartment. She kept calling it big but then she did live in Arrow Heights..

Watched 'Wicked' at the Regent theatre that night. We actually went to the wrong one and there was only 10 minutes left till the start. We ran + fast walked 2 blocks to get to the correct theatre. In between, we had to ask for directions since we weren't quite sure where it was there we were headed to. We got there just in time. The minute we plonked our asses down, they began. It was a great show. Thoroughly entertained though it was a little pricey. Was tempted to buy some merchandise but settled for the program book instead. That shit is still pricey.

Friday was probably a shopping day. Dinner was with my dad's friend's place which is in Greensborough. It's some distance away from the city. Wee Sern came to pick us up. We had a lovely dinner there. And then after that we were talking and.. then they sent us home. Yeap.. happening weekend alright.. lol

Saturday, we went to the Vic Mart to buy souvenirs for ppl. Actually spent quite a bit. Maybe shouldn't do that so often (buying souvenirs, ppl might get ideas). After that I left and joined Vince at.. some cafe while Wyn Ni continued her shopping. I can't remember the name but I think it may have had bananas in it's name.. or some type of fowl.. Shan joined us a little later and since he was late, I made him settle the bill.. mwahahah. Then had both of them come over to the apartment. hung out for a while and my relatives came to pick us up for dinner. My aunt cooked so we had to go to wherever it was that they lived in. It was about an hour's drive. House was quite nice. Food was lovely. Aunt made Roast Lamb + various other stuff and she made enough for at least another 3-4 ppl to eat. So we were stuffed beyond belief. My cousin from my dad's side was there as well. She made apple crumble for dessert. I almost showed up empty handed.. hahaha
They sent us home and then I joined Vince and Joo Bee at a nearby bar kind of place. Might have been 1908.. I don't know. Shan came with 2 of his friends and then 2 of JB's friends came and join us as well.

I had a blue blazer drink.. in between all the lemon bitters that I had. It was a nice night out. They light it while mixing the drink so they'll tell you then you'll go watch them make the drink. After that, I FINALLY had a bite of a souvlaki proper. Vince bought one from 'staglatites' which was quite good actually. I wanted to get one before I left the next morning but I couldn't get up in time.

Sunday morning, my relatives came again to pick us up and we had a mother's day lunch at a dimsum place near their house. It was quite good I must admit and they seemed like regulars there. Then they sent us to the airport and that's about the end of the trip. Oh and insert some bits about quarantine checks and etc.. and that'd be a complete picture.

One of the afternoons we went to Vic Mart and had quite rather yummy hotdogs? But the bread was super hard to chew through.. meh. Maybe they have a fancier name but .. nvm. *already inserted in appropirate timeline.
And we also had breakfast with WM one of the mornings at Brunetti's. My food just tasted of salt. Seriously. Took a walk through the Melb Uni after that and then went to Central after that. They refurbished the thing after I left so it looks radically different from what I knew it to be.

After we came back, catching up with work and etc.. it's been crazy mad but this past week has been rather slow. It did give me time to catch up on the paperwork and fuss over the enquiries and what-not. Oh I arrived on Sunday night right, a customer from Mauritius gave me a call on the said Sunday night. meh..

There was a full moon for WynNi's cousin 2 sundays ago I believe. Actually bumped into Jarrod there. Man.. Such a small world. Turns out he was Ann's either college classmate or uni-mate.

Lots of futsal in between.. I have a nice scrape on my knee because of it. It's still leaking plasma a little.. sigh.

Oh on I think it was Friday night, while at Kiara with Jo-Lyn and Su Lyn, we heard a rather serious accident. We heard it because the car disappeared from our view and then hit something twice before a louder crashing sound at the end. We went over to have a look and there it was a white proton iswara had flipped over completely. SL is an MD so she went to do the.. doctor thing. Someone had already pulled the 2 out of the car. One male and one female. She had a look at them. Determined that they were alright and then we left as the engine was still running. I didn't want to be anywhere near an explosion though the likelyhood is small. It should be still using a carburetor and not injection type so shouldn't explode but better safe than sorry.

The list of movies that I haven't yet caught is getting longer. To a point that I almost can't be arsed to catch any of it.

ermm.. attended one wedding dinner, some yumcha sessions. meeting with the Interior Designer.

oh yeah
From Sunday till Tuesday, I sort of played host to my dad's friend + family who had come from China from a wedding that they had just hosted. One of the sons got married and they had a stopover here before travelling on to Australia. My dad is still in China until now playing tour guide with his high school friends.
So in Malaysia, it is ALL about eating. =) Took them to Star City for dinner Sunday. They weren't too impressed. So we went back to Greenview after that and they enjoyed the spicy + sweet crab better there. or was it spicy + sour crab. hmm..
Then had durian. Some of the really like durians.. =) Dad's friend is Malaysian, the rest of them ain't. There's one Hongkie, 2 Americans and 1 Chinese national. Guess which ones don't like durian.. hahaha

Monday they did their thing during the day time. Came dinner time, I took them to Jalan Alor and had dinner there. Went to a pasar malam after that and then that was it. They had enough of the sights for now. I picked them up from the airport and sent them back to the airport. Had to borrow my uncle's MPV which isn't really nice to drive. Don't really like it.
We did drop by my much derided new house which is still being completed. There has been progress since the last time. Now we have windows.. Sweet.. at the rate that we're going, next year would be a very doable target as opposed to never. Our neighbour has already moved in. Very contemporary design.

And that about concludes the updates
oh and Man Utd is playing tonight. Champions league baby.. Sorry folks (everyone else).. you're just not good enough.. mwahahaha

oh and it was Kenneth's birthday on the Sunday just past. Happy birthday dude.

anyway, quote for today

Conceit is God's gift to little men.
Bruce Barton

There is no old age. There is, as there always was, just you.
Carol Matthau, O Magazine, October 2003
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