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The trip so far.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-05-04 21:21
Subject: The trip so far..
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"You are getting your cab to come so late? You really like to push things.."
"Why haven't you packed your bags yet? Why leave it until so late?"

So Friday morning came, picked up WynNi and then got home to change just in time and then the cab was already there.
Breakfast at the airport @ Delifrance. Flight was uneventful, we were seated near the rear RIGHT behind a toddler. yay.
Thankfully, he didn't cry much during the flight. I saw 2 movies during the flight.

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "7 Pounds"

Heart-warming, unusual and a love that transcends all. I must admit, I teared a little. - TCCBB

Sadly I didn't catch enough of 7 Pounds. I only caught the latter half of it. But I found it quite riveting and unusual to find someone so moved by a sense of guilt and responsibility in our great new millenia.
A movie it may be but it puts a sense of.. how should I put it? If people had a tenth as much heart and a sense of responsibility, this world would be a much better place. Checking blackberry and sms-ing while driving is really dangerous. Something that is driven home in this movie. I think 7 pounds is the weight of a heart. In this it was the priceless gift of life all for a mere 7 pounds of weight. It's incredible.

Anyway, arrived at 7pm and promptly sat in the airplane for about 45 minutes while Quarantine officials came aboard. Apparently there were 2 who were exhibiting symptoms.. I wanted to point out that the one sitting next to me (WynNi) had a full blown flu ... -_-` talk about timing. And then got off, wait for the luggage for a short while and promptly waited at the Customs and Quarantine line. I had brought some biscuits and WynNi had some 3in1 so we dutifully reported that. That only took 30 minutes and we were told to go clear. Apparently only custard or egg-like fillings for biscuits were not allowed in. The 'Heong Peah' that I was tasked to bring was A-Ok. So were the 3in1.

Got in. Checked in at 23-33 Lonsdale St. It's actually quite nice. A little above my budget but.. as long as she's happy. Bleagh.
We had dinner at Mekong. Upon getting in.

"Sir, would you like to order now? The kitchen closes in 2 minutes."

Ok.. so we ordered and began eating. Wen Min came by and met us. She sat down and started talking to WynNi. WM is actually a classmate of mine while at Melbourne Uni.
There was a slight.. thing (where she shut me out after I mentioned in passing that I used to have a crush on her. -past tense people-) and I never spoke to her again after that. Small world we live in.
Anyway.. she seems a little taller. But I'm getting sidetracked a little, because...

"Sir, we close in 15 minutes."


'Tai-lo' - give us a little break la.. we just got here and are eating as quickly as we can.

We went to Lin'contro after that for some coffee and small talk. Travelling around, I noticed quite a number of Starbucks and Coffeebean around Melbourne City. I'm not sure they'll do very well since this is a city with a firmly entrenched Italian community. They would have you know that their coffee is heads and shoulders above the piss that those chains serve. Not that I know since I don't drink traditional coffee drinks. I'm part of the wannabe yuppie crowd who likes the ice-blended. So there..

Anyway, chit-chat, gossip exchange, me fidgeting... I don't know the people that they both know so nothing much there. WM is still too thin, did I mention that she seemed a little taller to which she sassed me by saying yea, I hit puberty after that. (period of time) I've never seen her in make-up before prior to this.. A little overdone on that night. Then we went back.

Saturday, we had lunch with Vince and Joo Bee at this Japanese place over at.. Victoria Avenue over at Albert Park. Misuzu is the name of the place. It's a small busy place. Food's pretty interesting and good. It wasn't exactly cheap. Bill came up to 93.40 for the 4 of us but I'd say it's well-worth it. After that we went for ice-cream which was just down the street. It was called Jock's I believe. If the plaques on the wall is to be believed, that place has won a few dairy awards. Then I asked Vince to take us to a supermarket so that we could buy some groceries. (I did have a full kitchen to work with) So bought some things and went home after that. Vince chilled at the apartment until dinner time.

We went to Pellegrini's Bar for some ultimate in home-cooked Italian comfort food. BUT that night they weren't on top of their game. Both mine and WynNi's pasti weren't al-dente yech.. You'd think they'd do better. The granita was delicious though.. yum-yum. For posterity, it's watermelon juice with a dash of lime and lemon and it's super chilled. Very good stuff. It was cheap though so.. yeah.. wasn't so bad. I have a picture which I will put up when I get back. Bought Nando's after that though.. a whole extra hot Peri-peri chicken. Super yummy.. I miss it so much. The Nando's back in Malaysia is shit in comparison. The taste just doesn't even come close. It's so bloody obvious. I have my theories but I won't share them lest I get sued for something.. *shrug*

So munched on the chicken into the night while watching football. Man U is marching on! woohoo.. =)

Sunday was yumcha with members of Vince's family + some of his sister's friends. We went to 'Little Cupcake' after that for a spot of cupcakes. Again, pictures to come later. WynNi had earlier gone and met WM to go to St. Kilda and they met us outside Little Cupcake which is at this lane, Degraves Lane on Flinders St just facing the Flinders St station. I went off with Vince for a trivia night over at Brunswick. Bridie O'Reilly's was the name. This was the championship where 12 pubs participated. Prize was 200 bucks and a spot at the Finals at the end of the year. There were really funny games such as stripping down to your undies and swapping your clothes and one where people stood up and moved their hands about in an attempt to guess which way the cricket bat faced. It was a little tense when we debated questions such as.. "How long does it take to cremate a person" or "What was the chihuahua originally bred for?" or "Was Leicitus a god or a disease" or "Which birthstone is NOT a mineral?"
There were 9 people in the team and everyone had their own thoughts on the matter.

We came in 4th overall. Oh well.

Me and Vince went to have some Mexican over in Ascot Vale called Tres Tacos. My dish was too salty. There was also a bunch of young ladies enjoying one of their own's birthday and they got a little shy after prancing about to mexican music and some curious gazes over from our side. Went home after that.

Monday, today.. we wanted to go to the Melbourne Zoo. I think I've been there before but WynNi hasn't been there before. But after lunch, it began to drizzle so.. we didn't end up going. We went to the Underwater World in the end then walked across the bridge to Crown casino and mucked about while getting some tea. Bought tickets to watch X-Men: Origins and also tickets for Wicked the musical. $109 each.. ouch. But I've heard nothing but good about the show so.. I'm hoping that it'll be worth it. The movie was more for old time's sake.. haha.

X-Men was quite a good watch. I enjoyed it. =)

Came back to the City after that and had dinner at Mark's Pizza near the Melbourne Uni. Someone told us that it had already closed but that's so not true. It's still there but I think the management may have changed somewhat. We wanted to sit on a table with 4 seats but we were told that we had to sit on a table with 2 seats and the place only had 3 tables filled. what the..
Volcano pizza wasn't as good as I remembered nor the Tangy Chicken pizza. I think they're using less toppings. The Matriciana was disappointing as well. I could barely find any bacon in the whole plate. sheesh. A shame.

Finally called my relatives and finalised the meeting on Wednesday. I am essentially fully engaged for dinners up until the day I leave. Managed to track down Shan as well. Wednesday dinner will be fun. =)
well.. that concludes my updates for now.. Stay tuned or not. *cheers*

I can watch Champions League this week.. woohoo =)
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