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woah.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-04-29 01:12
Subject: woah..
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I am feelingbitchybitchy
Tags:random, recap
something is wrong..
wait.. i sense it..
or rather, jo said it. I'm lacking drama so nothing compelling to write about
10 days since the last post

in between
I don't remember

Did go to alor setar for the weekend... There was an obligatory house-warming/open house.
thing was, everyone disappeared when the guests started arriving leaving me not really knowing what to do and not knowing where everything is either.

Oh and before that
MU lost the semi-finals of the FA Cup..
a serious case of WTF man..
why la.. quintuple!!!
gone.. sigh

and while at alor setar, I was trying to catch the MU-Spurs match but I fell asleep during the tepid first half. When I woke up, they had already started the 2nd half. I saw the 0-2, I couldn't believe my eyes..
but they came through.

5-2. Had to do it the hard way though.. gah

well.. other than that
flying on Friday morning.
Souvlaki I come for you!!

amd this concludes my pointless post.

Oh let me tell you about the best day I had today.
First I managed to get shampoo in my eye which is like a once in 2-3 year occurence (rough estimate), the traffic light turns red 1 car ahead of me at the first junction. Stuck behind immensely slow cars on the fast lane. Work was crazy.. I don't know how I ended up with various little cuts on my hands. and when I come home, 3 of my fishes mysteriously died. and to top it all off, someone called me crazy..

oh well
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