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mini post - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-04-19 02:46
Subject: mini post
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I am feelingbouncybouncy
Listening toSam Lee - Ca Jian Er Guo
Tags:futsal, random, restaurants

In this week, the morning weather have been beautiful bar one single morning.
The rest were almost perfectly blue skies with no cumulonimbus in sight (storm clouds for the uninitiated)

It is now firmly mid-April.
Only another 2 weeks to go before my Melbourne trip... Apparently my accommodation now costs me some 3k+ for the entire duration.. *faints*

there isn't really much point to this post..
I like the food at Pasta Zanmai over at Plaza Damas. Their service leaves a lot to be desired though. The serving staff there are oblivious to vocal ppl.. So much so the japanese couple behind me appeared to swear...

I think I may have given.. actually not I think more like I feared I may have given the wrong impression.
Maybe it's the severe lack of sleep
or just new people. I tend to give ok first impressions.. there's only downhill to go from there.. hahaha

So I mentioned that I bought a new pair of futsal shoes.. loving the feel.. but not loving the blisters that it seems to come with.
Today's futsal was.. not quite what I hoped it to be
First there was a delay because of my cousin/customer. 40 minutes there.
Then there's a girl playing. which means I'm more likely to suffer an injury as I twist and .. bend to avoid hitting her. Imagine a freight train.. that'd be me. no changing direction.. comprende?
THEN 2 of the guys' bags got stolen.
So that totally killed it.
Not that I'm happy that it happened. No one ever wants it to happen but there are quite a lot of ppl loitering around and the lack of cctv needs to be addressed. but that doesn't mean that i'm happy about my already short game being EVEN shorter.
I'm really tired and i'm rambling a little.

g'nite and have a great sunday!

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