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Now I remember what's missing.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-04-17 10:46
Subject: Now I remember what's missing..
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I am feelingunhingedunhinged
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from my post

it was the people that I bumped into over the weekend
First there was Chui Chui who was my classmate maybe for one class in Monash. She's quite the sweet looker. Her then bf was also my basketball teammate.
She and current were on the escalator ahead of me. I didn't notice until she turned to the side and then I realised who she is. But I didn't want to say hi. Wasn't up to the.. puzzled look and the tentative hi's.
and then while waiting to get my tickets for the movie "He's just not that into you", I realised that my junior was waiting in line behind me. This one definitely didn't recognise who i was. lol. I said "Oh hi" and walked away. WynNi said she had a puzzled look onn her face. I think her name is Li Yen.

Into the cinema hall, we sat down and 'lo and behold, Chui Chui and partner sat in front of us. She spotted me and gave a really warm 'Hi.'
and I said the usual pleasantries and bade her enjoy the movie. I whispered to WynNi saying,"Well it seems like she remembers me after all... lol"

Then the next day at BSC, met OJA there too. I didn't see her to be honest. Wyn Ni spotted her first but she wasn't sure and told me to look. I saw Katelynn first. She's damn cute la.. lol
THEN i saw OJA.. I don't remember the latest haircut. Must have been a while. Anyway.. back to Katelynn.. her mother not so fun to talk about.. lol *whistles innocently*
She was walking all over the place and she can talk already. Her first words to me were though likely a case of mistaken identity. She called me 'Fu' which is like uncle. A reference to her 2 uncles... which do not resemble me at all. Lol.

Then when they left, her mother bade her give a kiss to the both of us which she duly obliged. and gave a flying kiss as well. lol.. very obedient. How long that lasts will be another matter all together. Lol.

Futsal this week was a bit of a damn squib. Only 7 showed up out of 8. So we were playing with slightly different rules this time. Very lop-sided score line in the end. I bought a new pair of futsal shoes as well. The old one 'opened up' a little too much.
I bought it late last year
Now it looks like this
 Not a good thing.. it's bad on my knees.

The new one looks like this (ok i don't have a pic for it. will put it in later)
 It's nice isn't it? nice nice nice

I did do my passport last week as well. It's supposed to be REALLY fast if you're renewing it. Think 2 hours and bam it's done.
BUT... the age old problem of.. "Maaf, System down..."-_-
we went for breakfast and then went back and the system was back up. Otherwise we'd have had to do it on sunday. As it was, it was too late to get it by that day. We'll be getting it tomorrow.
A look at the line before it was known that the system was down.
 I think we were at the line for 20 mins? I wouldn't want to be those at the head of the line only to find out that the system was down.

Qing Ming pics

That's my grandfather's in Fairy Park, Kapar.

and then..
Oh had dinner at Cid's last night. Lots of ppl there. They could use another staff or 2. My food was so-so.. Overall it was so-so. Wasn't so cheap either.
Oh and I met 2 new ppl as well as the Joa Quim, Ken and Jo-Lyn. I bumped into Jo-Lyn while at the toll booth. I called her again later to deride her lack of skill.. mwahahaha
oh yeah
Karen and Ai Ling I believe were their names.
So Ken is the love guru apparently. I think I told them to just watch the movie and they won't need ken's advice anymore..

ok. I'm a little 'unbalanced' today. My post seems to reflect that. Time to say bye bye.
Oh and this morning was a beautiful day.
I love beautiful mornings.
But the jams just puts a dent into that. I have murderous thoughts while I drive.. Is that bad?

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