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a week in passing - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-03-29 03:59
Subject: a week in passing
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I am feelingexhaustedexhausted
Tags:police, random, restaurants
I don't remember most of what has happened.
heck I don't remember anything (period)
okay maybe i'm a little antsy at this moment.

I don't remember what I did last weekend.
What I do remember from this week is,
I've eaten at Canton-i (Gardens) ((again)) i know.
I also met Alfred there as well. The egg tart here is supposed to be good. I didn't get a chance to eat any though. I bought back 3 pcs. My family helped themselves to it.

Futsal didn't happen on Tuesday and Wednesday.
My parents came back on the sunday, 22nd March.

I've also eaten at Nando's. I miss ordering the whole chicken and finishing it all by myself.. ahh.. Good times.
Oh I remember now what I did last week. I played DoTA at night one one of the days. Oh I actually bumped into Audrey one of them days... I'm not sure if she still remembers who I am.

Oh and just now? We got robbed at the cybercafe
Approximately 6 young-ish guys of Malays-descent came in to the cybercafe brandishing knives. Short and long. They missed my wallet, phone, car keys, watch...
They don't seem to know what they're doing. Already made a police report. Chen Hoe lost his phone and that's it.

I'm really tired. Making that police station makes me feel underwhelmed/not inspired at all.
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