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the fillings. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-03-21 02:10
Subject: the fillings.
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I am feelingapatheticapathetic
Tags:dinners, recap, restaurants
My parents left for.. yet another China trip sometime last week. They took a morning flight.

*phone rings at 6.35am*

D: "Are you up yet? Why aren't you up yet?"
Me: *grunts*
D: "I forgot my laptop bag, there's some stuff in it that I need. (implied - like my laptop) Bring it to me at the airport"
Me: ok.

*phone rings at 6.42am*

I'm in the shower.

*phone rings at 6.45am*

D: "Why are you still at home? How will you make it?"
Me: "What time is your flight?"
D: "9.30"
Me: .....
D hangs up.

*phone rings at 6.48am*

D: "No need to come, just pass the bag to your uncle who's coming tomorrow."
Me: "What? Is there actually a need to call me that many times?"
D hangs up.

*phone rings at 6.50am*

M: "Eh, no need to bring the bag to the airport already, just pass it to your uncle."
Me: "I know!!!"
M: "How do you know?"
Me: "Dad already called me, damn big hurry right. Can't even shower in peace?'
M: "I already told him I'll call."
Me: "Well, he's already called so I already know!"

*I was already quite annoyed by now.*

-ok end story-


anyway, yes he's an impatient one. Imagine how impatient he was when he was 30 years younger..
not sure what was done on Sunday.. oh wait!
Buffet at Westin's 'The Living Room'. It was okay. What's the highlight.. hmm.. can't say there was anything extraordinary.
You get a mongolian bbq, a lok-lok stand, some nyonya fare, lots of dessert, teh tarik stand, hot plate noodles to order, soup stand, fresh cut fruits stand, gelato stand, all manner of cheese
they even have half-boiled eggs, toasts, waffles, ice-kacang.
A large selection of tea and a wandering 3 piece, okay a 2 piece + a singer. She don't know her lyrics too well.. but she has a rich, velvety voice. It's quite nice really.

We ended up having a really late dinner cos of having the buffet lunch. Settled for 'Wang chiew' in ss2 in the end. They were preparing to close up already but the boss-man said,"Come come, we're still serving."

Oh I have the video of previously mentioned bouncing girl. UNFORTUNATELY or fortunately for her perhaps, my connection is totally shit at the moment. Staying online for no more than 5 mins at a time. So I'm unable to upload the video to Youtube.

ermm.. this week I finally had yumcha with the girls. They claim it has already been a month.. but I think I probably saw both of them some time in between so they didn't see each other. Not didn't see me.. =P

Had dinner at Checkers for one of the days.
Skipped dinner for one of the days. I think it was Wednesday, futsal night. I played like crap. Seriously, unbelivably crap and that pisses me off.

Not sure what I did for the other 2 days for dinner.. =)

Oh had a decent meal at this Sweet Basil Restaurant in SS2. It's the same row as the Island cafe. Down a few shops from the Taiwan Noodle House.
We order the Tomyam soup, Garlic Pepper Chicken, Fried 4-angle bean with belacan and a Chilli Paste Fish Fillet.
The tomyum is pretty nice. Good and hearty tomyum soup. None of the weak stuff that you can find outside.
The garlic pepper chicken is actually one of the styles that I recall when talking about eating thai food. It's just that not every restaurant offer this dish. This was a solid dish.
Nothing to complain about the vege except maybe need a little more belacan. Fish was also tasty but not incredibly so.
Overall, I'd rate this restaurant as one worth visiting. It's not exactly on the cheap side with the tomyum costing RM22 but it can easily give you 7-8 bowls of soup plus a similar number of prawns. Needless to say we finished everything between the 2 of us. =D

We bumped into Winnifred and Leong (hubby) and another of their friend. It's true what they say about talking about people. You meet them real soon. I had just pointed out where Winnie stays to WynNi just a little earlier when we passed by. What bloody sheer coincidence. Anyway, we could see that she was coming along so congrats to her.

One of my staff/colleague recently resigned. I can't help but feel a sense of betrayal. But I guess I do take things a little personally. All this ppl resigning crap will just take some getting used to.

On another note, I confirmed a nice little sale today.. Quite happy about that. Special order from Japan. Heh.
Tomorrow is yet another weekend.
Time marches on inexorably.

There was a little something which I found quite profound in the book I bought recently. I'll go get it and plagiarise it later.
Have a great weekend ahead
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-03-28 19:35 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
the kind that he replies to his parents?
or.. how?

do clarify.. different types of humour sometimes need a little bit of explanation


Edited at 2009-03-28 07:35 pm (UTC)
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2009-03-23 22:31 (UTC)
Subject: MUAHAHA
Can't upload eh?


God favours the good-hearted ppl. ;oP
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-03-24 00:36 (UTC)
Subject: Re: MUAHAHA
i just haven't gotten around to it piggie.. just you wait =)
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