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bouncy approval on! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-03-15 01:52
Subject: bouncy approval on!
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Tags:dinners, jollies, restaurants, saturday, villa danielli
From henceforth, food approval will use the bounce-o-meter aka Sook Yee for accuracy..

read on =)

today, after work and futsal (I have some gripes), I had dinner with Wynni and Sook Yee and Chen Hoe at Villa Danielli
I had a starter (some eggplant and tomato thing), the divine mushroom soup, my main was a little ordinary (duck confit).
WynNi had the spaghetti vongole
Sook Yee had the beef carpaccio and tagliatelle with prawns
Chen Hoe had a ravioli. One very large ravioli. It was stuffed with some sort of cream cheese and a quail egg. All of this is sitting on alfredo sauce as well.
It's very very rich.. almost will die wei.. oh it's also very good..

and then..
there was one cannoli and one zabaione.. something like that la
There will eventually be 2 videos posted.
One when the zabaione is being prepared. They prepare it right next to the table.. how cool is that?
The other is when Sook Yee takes her 2nd bite.. I missed the first bite.
she took a bite
and she bounced up and down.. all the while squealing.. hahaha
i think in the video, she moved side to side.
It was funny.. seriously..
This one is a case of 'you had to be there'

Then after I dropped WynNi off and went over to Kayu in Amansuria.
Shen Yi's bday is next week. She celebrated it today and they had drinks outside after that which was when I showed up.
to old friends.

Also this week, I treated them staff to dinner at Prime restaurant on Thursday. It was good. =) I loved my steak.. hahaha

Monday night I think me and WynNi went to Jake's for some steaky goodness
I had a ribeye.. it was very good.

so it's all about the food.. haheehahah

oh.. and
Happy birthday to Wye Wah on the 12th
and Shen Yi on the 19th

for reference purposes

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