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missing in between? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-03-06 00:03
Subject: missing in between?
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Tags:dinners, movies, recap, wedding
Last friday, I attended a dinner for one of our group's larger customers. Dinner was in Klang where our customer is based.
The drive there was uneventful though I don't really know my way around.


me "Ermm.. so which way should I take?"

pass "Wait, let me give them a call."

me (internal monologue)
"shit they'd better pick the damn phone up quick or I'm gonna miss that turning. Arghh!! I missed the turning."

pass "They said it's that way (points at the rapidly fading into the distance exit)"

me "crap, now how?"

pass "We can go this way. (puts down phone)"

Next intersection, repeat all of the above.


Anyway, aside from the sharks' fin, the rest of the food was pretty good and a little unusual for some of them. If anyone's interested to go there, I think I can still remember the way.. Though a free meal wouldn't be turned down.. *grin*

Sunday was a ermm.. hmm.. oh yea. Lunch with Yew Wen then we went to the construction site for a while.. I still think my room is a little on the small side.. bleh. then came home and sprawled down in my living room and stoned in front of the tv until the evening.

Dinner was actually the wedding dinner at that restaurant in BSC.. I forget the name. It's a little difficult to get to the restaurant now with the entire section of BSC closed. I didn't realise that they closed the entire wing already. Anyway, we found the place soon enough. blablabla..
The usual food, etc.. cousins, unusual need for some to take a cousins' picture.. I think it numbered at around 20-30+ There were quite a few missing due to working overseas and etc..
watching the video of the morning of the tea ceremony. The groom has a naturally gregarious/outgoing personality. It was quite amusing to watch.

one of the nights.. at least I think it was night time.. me and WynNi stayed home and caught up on some of the DVDs that we've bought but not yet seen.
"How to lose friends and alienate people" - 3 stars
"Kungfu Panda" - 4 and a half!!!
Yes I know it's a really old show, just never got around to watching it.

Anyway.. just have to say, Kungfu Panda is how animated flicks used to be
light-hearted, no blood/gore, pun-ny, has a moral lesson to it.

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