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"We used to be so happy...". Dinner at Kinnaree - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-03-01 17:37
Subject: "We used to be so happy...". Dinner at Kinnaree
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Tags:dinners, reflections, restaurants
go figure..

Wyn Ni and I had dinner at this Thai restaurant call Kinnaree over at Jaya One.
Let me start by saying the food is good.
We had this Deep Fried Fish in Garlic and Black Pepper. It was awesome.. Instead of giving u little pepper seeds/corn, you get the whole fruit.. and it's yummy.. haha
okay before I go on, I have to warn you that this seems authentically thai. Staff and food alike.
Then we also ordered this Grilled Duck .. something.. I don't remember the name o_0
It's sour and spicy and ducky... Very refreshing taste.
Then there was the glass noodle salad which isn't my cup of tea but she said it was not bad.
The tomyam.. Very spicy, very sour. 2 thumbs up. Okay let me clarify a bit.. it's not spicy until you want to drown yourself but it packs a kick. You can select 2 variants. The clear type or the one with the chilli oil type. I personally prefer the clear type. Oh and we had a stir-fry kangkung. Nothing much to shout about.. It's not actually on the menu, you just gotta ask your waiter what sort of vege they have.

She ordered this Lychee Freezer drink which was pretty satisfying. It's like a shaved lime ice thing plus a bit of lychee + the lychee juice/syrup.
I just had 2 glasses of O.J. and a dessert to finish.
We actually ordered a little too much and did waste a bit of food. But there were just so many more dishes that I wanted to order. Definitely going back there but not as frequently as I would want.

All that came up to a bill of a little under RM150. Not cheap at all. Wyn Ni took some pictures with her phone. I'll see what I can do to get it posted up.

The reason for the topic has actually do with some other ppl having dinner at the same restaurant. It was a bunch.. i think half a dozen? or younger ppl.. Probably in college/university. They were so happy without a care in the world.. haha.. I sound so bitter. omg.

Anyway we eventually figured out that they were celebrating one of the girl's bday and they had brought a laptop along. I'm guessing they have wi-fi in the restaurant and they had a video chat with one of their friends elsewhere who sang along with the rest of them for the birthday song. Their mannerism more than anything just bespoke of no worries, just enjoying and living it up in a manner of speaking. The food there isn't cheap so you can imagine what damage it'd do to a student's budget. I figured them to be out of towners.. the majority of them anyway.

Looking at them, I just had the feeling. I used to be carefree, irresponsible and happier maybe... hahaha
How to get back to those days again? Lol

Silly young ppl bringing about stupid/ridiculous thoughts


"isn't life sad if all you do is just live?"
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