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on monday.. the lunch at genting didn't materialise yet again.. not… - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-29 00:08
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I am feelingsomewhat deflated
Listening toBlue - If You Come Back
on monday.. the lunch at genting didn't materialise yet again.. not enough critical mass.. e.g. enough ppl to justify it.. =)
so was getting grouchier and grouchier..
finally had my lunch at 3 pm.. got HY to come pick me up... took him forever.. gah
went home then saw Kelvin Tan ( tall dude henceforth known as KT ), and he was on the way out for some drinks. I joined him.. and met some more ppl.. played pool.. but really getting more n more bored as it progressed.. asked cousin what she was doing.. and she said she was going to go fishing.. =) imagine that.. I was toying with that idea but I didn't drive.. so.. had to wait.. and by the time they were done
I decided that my time was better spent playing basketball.. and basketball it was..
i still suck at it.. bleh
dinner.. I had at Friday's with Shirley ( cousin, henceforth known as SC ) actually I wanted Thai food at Hartamas but that place closed down.. soo change of venue to Friday's at Section 17 cos it's near her bf's workplace.. =) Met him for the first time too.. and a free dinner to boot.. haha yay =)
came back went with Daniel from Sunway College for supper.. actually just some drinks.. and I found out that Kabir is leaving for someplace soon.. and they ( him and a few other former college mates only have holidays for 2 weeks in a year and this is one of them ) =) hence.. the arrangements for tomorrow night ( wednesday )
meet the whole lot of them buggers.. and send them on their way
came back.. went to sleep.. like normal ppl
Today... today.. VERY VERY sleepy.. the whole bloody day.. It felt like I was on drugs or something.. I was SOOOOO lethargic.. like a sloth only. In the morning went to deliver some goods.. and then get some more cardboard boxes for the packing.. and we had to wait so we had breakfast. then waited near that old uncle's house.. he keeps his dogs outside in a small cage in the shade.. they looked so pitiful.. =( and they were of the long-haired variety and malaysia is HOT.. their fur was all matted and stuff.. I was debating with myself whether or not I should call the RSPCA.. cos they might fine him for cruelty to animals and that wouldn't be good.. cos they ain't exactly rich.. sigh..
I went to the bank to check if I actually applied for my ATM card or not. The cute service person was there.. heh =) I went with Ah Lee cos he needed to get some cash too.. I think he has a little crush on her cos he just seemed a little ill at ease.. =) His ATM card developed a crack so he had to apply for a new one as well... =) then while I was waiting, Wai Ying ( henceforth WY ) called.. it was pretty shocking for me anyway cos she was the last person I expected a call from. asked me out for lunch.. which was when I reminded her that I work.. =P So sort of fixed a lunch date for Saturday.. not date but more meeting? I don't know.. anyway slight deviation after lunch.. cousin bought me something as a snack.. then pandemonium.. there was just a million and one things to pack today.. it's almost like let's all order our stuff today.. and make them work like mad dogs
sheesh.. usually the busy time is from 5 or so onwards.. today it started at 3..
and by 5 it was just chaos
ppl came to help out and there was just so many things about.. cos you have to put them somewhere.. so there were flashes of temper and raised voices and missing things.. managed to raise my from my stupor.. hehe
I finished work 15 minutes after the usual closing time
which we usually stop work about 20 minutes or so before that... so we had extended today.. and so many helping hands too.. i wonder how they'll manage when i leave.. hmm.. hahaha =)
came back.. dinner then read a bit of book.. came online.. chatting to ppl.. =) called Sook Kwan about tomorrow.. and yeah..
now i'm gonna go to bed.. =)
Good night Joo bee, Michele, Olle =)
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