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PMS-ing - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2002-05-27 10:21
Subject: PMS-ing
Security: Public
I am feelingbleh
Listening toEnrique Iglesias - Escape
hrmmm... lunch was so-so.. bowling didn't materialise.. and .. yea..
then did some cd burning.. and dinner was with HY at Penang Village. Food wasn't too shabby.. price was a little on the high side.. =) after that the plan was to go for badminton and basketball at PKNS but those plans were dashed when HK and BS were not allowed in ( they were the early ones ) cos there was some function there or something. So time for a change of venue.. went to the Yuk Chai primary school but not allowed in there either.. =) So in the end we played at the public court outside Kelvin's house. in the dark!!!!! looking for a speeding ball thrown at eye level is a killer.. there were a lot of missed passes and injuries all around.. =) it was bright enough to see details on ppl's faces but it just didn't feel right. I caught 2 square on my face.. once was a ball.. another was someone's head. ouch.. luckily I don't bruise easily.
Drinks were at 'ming tein' ( AGAIN ) I don't like that place!!!!
but then I seem to have been pms-ing yesterday.. =)
I came back for a shower then went out again to a&w and later for some beefy noodles.. =) yum.. then it was on to bed and rest..
throughout the night I just kept waking up.. I slept at about 3 plus and woke up at 5 plus.. then again a few more times after that
at about 8+ i think I was already semi-conscious but I wanted to get more sleep in.. but just couldn't.. it's rather annoying.. =)
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