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on a nothing day like this.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-02-26 18:23
Subject: on a nothing day like this..
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I am feelingblankblank
dunno monday
no futsal tuesday
oh yeah, bought tank hang-on filter.. yes another one to replace the one that died about a month ago and finally got around to installing it. I think it's already clogged.
Too much junk in the tank. I'm just a little lazy to clean it out because I have to get rid of that tank anyway in a few months time.

i'm very free and bored at work today.. the busy-ness fluctuates day to day.. it's almost like alternating.
So Ben came and looked for me yesterday and we had BKT lunch. And we went over the product.. looks okay.. interesting enough. Took him to a meet with my cousin and .. yeah.. it's not something that we are suited to sell. He gave some useful suggestions. We'll see what happens from there.

Dinner was at home.. mom cooked prawns.. it was good. =)
had futsal.. I scored one.. missed an absolute sitter
and then proceeded to let in some 10 goals.. My reactions are too slow to be a goalkeeper.
yeap yeap..

and I have nothing more to say..
I don't tell jokes very well
so i won't try..

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