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"Don't wanna be all by myself......." - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-02-21 20:27
Subject: "Don't wanna be all by myself......."
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I am feelingexhaustedexhausted
Tags:birthday, celebration, dinners, friends, recap, restaurants, songs, wedding
body to follow.. =P

*The post may seem a little choppy as I have edited it a few times to insert the details and what-nots.*

So.. yesterday was the agreed upon date that we, friends of one eu yeok cheng, will meet for dinner as well as after-dinner karaoke.

with that lame/uppity line out of the way.. Dinner was at Wang Chiew over in SS2. Traffic was HORRENDOUS.
Imagine an artery
Imagine it being clogged with plaque.
Apply that to road and cars.
AND then throw in a heart attack while you're at it and a stroke too might as well.
The cars weren't going anywhere.. just like how your blood would be like. The people who approved Tropicana City ought to be drawn and quartered. Alternative is the firing squad.
okay.. enough with the rant.

Traffic was bad.
I myself only arrived sharp at 8pm after detouring to pick up a certain miss pig.
Dinner party comprised of (in order of appearance) myself, sook yee, chen hoe, mark, wei si, jon, wai leng, yeok cheng, su yin.
Xiao jin found the going a little too difficult so she skipped dinner at joined us a karaoke.

*bleh.. too tired... only slept at almost 5am and woke up for work at 7+am.. And today was a full day to boot.
I even played futsal today as well.. can barely keep my eyes open now.*

anyway.. in brief
funny karaoke. i sang some
lots of emo rock songs too.. =P
xiao jin and bday girl the main culprit for those
Karaoke ppl were only bday girl, wei si, wai leng, xiao jin, jon and myself. I think I only started singing at around 12+. I got there late + they had selected a lot of songs + I didn't know what to sing.

"All by myself,
don't wanna be,
all by myself,

yeap.. we had to sing this one..

though I think the most iconic song that's ALWAYS sung without fail is the 'Beyond' song. I don't know the name but it's the one before the lead singer fell from the stage and perished a really long time ago. yeap.. when the band was still complete..

anyway.. I finally found that stupid song that I was a little keen to sing. I searched for it for a really long time. Stupid names on phone didn't match the one on the karaoke console. meh..
it was this one and I sang this one for good measure as well but it's supposed to be a duet.. oh well.
Disney songs are a real classic.. haha for those from my generation anyway. We grew up with those animated movies and those songs. The duets and etc.
Some GnR songs were sung as well. Lots of wailing on that one.
And one of my favourite songs as well. I probably did post this song up before but I can't seem to find it.

This is the one with pinyin

This is the one which is for karaoke purely (it's a minus one) oh and on the side, they have the full song translation as well for the less chinese inclined

This is the full and regular MTV

I will always remember this song for the timing and everything else.
anyway.. I digress.
Michael Buble - Home was also one of the songs sung by yours truly.

ok eyes closed for a while there.. must sleep
ermm.. oh yeah surprise call from ben.. it's not just to chat but.. got la. Maybe I can talk about it in the future
so futsal as well. no goals this time.

and my cousin had a little thing at her house. I got there late after taking WynNi to a nice dinner at Rakuzen.
We had some new stuff this time. There was the grilled/baked lobster which is good. Maybe a tad pricey but it's yummy. And then I had the burger. That was GOOD. yumyumyum.. The rest were the more mundane stuff that we usually order anyway.. =)

So yea, my cousin had a little thing at her house..
She's getting married tomorrow =) so yea.. I think i got work to do tomorrow morning.. *groan*
I didn't end up doing anything in the end as I couldn't get up. Don't ask me why but I just couldn't. Probably just overly tired.
So I got there in time after all the tea ceremony was done and it was then time for those younger to get 'angpows'. Muahahaha.. excellent timing.. hehehe
And then I took it upon myself to fish the frogs out of the pail and released them instead of letting them die in the pail. Those frogs were part of the games which were pretty tame IMHO.
I was told some of the tasks that they had to do and wasn't very impressed with it at all.

anyway, none of my business =)
I wasn't gonna go over to the groom side but they aunties + cousins wanted to go and wanted a ride so I went along to be the driver. He stays at the Bukit Rahman area which I'm told is where RPK stays. It's also where Wei Ing used to stay but I didn't know that until I got there. I ran a lot of red lights trying to stay with the leading cars. The convoy going there ended up being some 11-14 cars? so it was pretty long and unwieldy. The 'heng tais' took the opportunity to toy with the 'chee muis' but it was all merely in the spirit of fun and just a very minor thing. Everyone had a good laugh.. haha.

So was there until 12+ and then came home. Got changed and went to buy lunch to eat in at Wynni's place.
I fell asleep watching the tele while she was doing her work. Had coffee with sook yee and chen hoe at kiara coffeebean then went upstairs to visit nik cheng who's wynni's very long time friend from alor setar. He has a boutique upstairs which he runs with his wife. They sell bags at prices cheaper than what you'd usually get at retail here in Malaysia. You have the usual suspects in the brand name choices. There's also a facebook profile somewhere.. ok found it here

Then went for dinner at Chatterbox in BV andd... that's it.. There may or may not be pictures for the events. doubtful but we'll see. There was a camera at the dinner + karaoke but it wasn't whipped out very regularly so yeah.. who knows. =)

oo nearly forgot. While walking around BVII, saw Michelle 'crazy eyes' Yau.. I call her that cos she has these eyes that seems to bore holes into you..
or suck you in.. It's just an intense look.. lol. she was a little offended when I told her that last time. I wasn't very sure myself that it was her. Still had her number so smsed her.
we had a little laugh about it... lol

MU won again so all in all, I'd say it's a good week.

so the rest of the karaoke and more dinner details after this break,
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2009-02-23 04:51 (UTC)
Subject: Oooh !!!!
yay! new lay out!

i like new things.

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-02-23 05:24 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Oooh !!!!
lol that's all you gotta say? =P okay.. haha.. i'll try and change the colour from time to time.

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