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eh.. what did I do last week ar? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-02-17 01:13
Subject: eh.. what did I do last week ar?
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Tags:birthday, celebration, friends, friendship, recap, relationships, updates
The topic is my lame attempt at sounding more 'malaysian-ised'
That aside, I do seem to swear a lot these days. Working in my line is certainly not too conducive to minding your p's and q's.
Did I even spell conducive right?
I think the niceties of the english language is gradually slipping away from me.
One day I'll say something like,"What thing? Why your england so 'lan'?

yeap.. one day. but not today.
Last week. I think there was futsal. some rough-housing involved there. Haven't been to the cinema in that time. Business was reasonably good. Speaking of which, one of my cousins talked to me about a different aspect of business. One that will need a lot of careful consideration but worth looking into to secure our future so to speak. hmm..

what else happened.. hmm.. Oh yeah.. there was a little get-together at Alvin's place for his bday thingamajiggy. small ice-cream cake to commemorate the occasion. There were a sizable number of people who were there to .. ermm.. grace? the event. "I think my choice of words are a little iffy"

anyway.. had a yumcha session with YC and JL.. JL regaled her tale of the close encounter with the wtf kind. I look like a saint in comparison. ;-)

Saturday was also valentine's day and also my aunt's bday and also shan's bday and also.. jay mee's bday.. But we don't really keep in contact anymore.. o well. I mean the latter 2. not the other. There was a power failure in the segambut area. My aunt celebrated her bday as well in a biggish way. There were some food + and whole roast pig. Apparently my uncle (eldest) had a missing chunk from his finger in an accident. I'm not too clear on how large a chunk as I had already gone back to the office. The food were at another location. =)

For dinner, instead of going out and spending a bomb which I used to.. this year it was Valentine's with a difference.
I cooked.

There's no pictures to be had. I'm actually not particularly proud of the end-product. It could be better I believe.
I made "mildly spicy lime shrimp with aglio olio". I felt that it lacked a little bit of something. WynNi said it was okay. I don't know if that's a damning verdict or a positive one.
Could be a positive one since she's always believed that I could not cook anything beyond instant noodles + an egg despite my protestations to the contrary.

Played DotA on Sunday. It was only with YC in the end. XJ had tummy issues so she bailed. The 2 had other things to do.. I joined a game with other people in a pvp 5v5. my teammates quit at around level 14 when 4 of them got killed in a shot. sore losers them. Then YC and I played 2vcomp (insane). We won albeit with a fair bit of swearing.. heh.
Dinner was with SY and CH and one mom. We ate in a little far away place at a.. 'restaurant' called "something garden"
It's not good. Don't go there. Somewhere in Kota Damansara.

and last but not least, 16th Feb is YEOK CHENG's bday. =) There have been times when I've done my disappearing acts but she's been a good friend through it all.
I'd say year 2000 was the beginning. But as with most ppl, she didn't like me.. (that'd be putting it mildly). If you think I'm annoying/aggravating now, you should have met me then. You'd want to kill me and then kill yourself. I was that 'incredible' *grin* But I grew on her.. like a fungus (her words) yea..*rolls eyes*
She's a good friend and a good person. A little bit of an oyster sometimes. She's the mirror of the pragmatic side of me I think. and also the slightly anal about certain things side too. haha.. =)

So happy birthday to you!! This friday we rock the Karaoke room ya.. or maybe you rock and I'll cheer you on or something. *HuGz*
 Slightly old picture. '07. Don't have anything newer. Must remedy this Friday =)

I mentioned that I recently put in that blasted statcounter.
Now I see Singapore, Kuwait, another 3 more places in the US, another one in the UK..  and a few more spread around the Klang Valley area... *scratch scratch*

'0 seconds'
Go figure. How do you load a page in 0 seconds..
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2009-02-16 17:19 (UTC)
Subject: ?
no, not fungus
the amoeba that feeds on the puss that grows on the fungus
thanks *hugs*
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-02-17 00:41 (UTC)
Subject: Re: ?
what the.. fungi is already a single celled organism.. you want to make me a parasitic one somemore?

tsk..tsk.. where's the love ppl? where's the love

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-02-17 00:42 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
you have? mine was in affection.. I think. Was yours?
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