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in terms of business - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-02-07 20:23
Subject: in terms of business
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This has been a rather decent week. The pent up demand from suppressing the ordering instinct before CNY was suddenly satisfied.
On the down side, more goods arrived this week.

le sigh

All the orders that we made prior to the downturn are now haunting us.. in a manner of speaking.
But we should be able to ride this out.

played futsal today.
Damn lazy to run.. Must be all the junk food ingested over the CNY period.

and 'yee sang' count is now at 8. Most recent one was Thursday night at the Bosch event in 'Noble House'. The top 2 dealers in each of the categories were invited.
I was a little surprised given how little we ordered but then the category that I'm in, the total number of dealers = 2. The food is generally fair. Sat in my uncle's new S300. It has a built in GPS!!
and a LCD speedometer. Ah, little thrills.


and.. Had a lunch with ZF staff @ Tenji over in Solaris Mont Kiara on Thursday afternoon.
I gotta be honest. I was rather disappointed.
All the ordered food arrived cold such as the teppanyaki, the tempura stuff, the deep-fried soft shell crab. While I understand the need to minimise waste. 5 pieces of beef as large my fingernail is going a little too far. Taste wise it was okay.
Pastas were inventive. Ice-cream is top-notch. You should see the line for the ice-cream. I believe the chinese soups were pretty good as well but that's about it.
For seafood eaters, the saving grace would be the oysters are really big n fat. But I don't eat oysters.

Going by this, Jogoya might actually be a better venue even though I've been told the standards have dropped.
Oh well.
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