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Things that happened in January and over Chinese New Year.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-02-04 00:50
Subject: Things that happened in January and over Chinese New Year..
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Tags:celebration, friends, memorable, new house, updates
the gist of it is/was..
lots of things have happened.

I don't remember most of it likely... either that or I overstate the number of things that I actually manage to get done. =)

I went outstation, to the south this time with Ah Fai.
I think the period was the 12th to the 17th
We went to .. shit.. I don't remember most of the names or which order they were in.
I know there's Kluang, Simpang Rengam, Johor Jaya, Skudai.. crap I don't remember the names of the places..

Then there's Malacca, Seremban on the way home.
Actually had a lot of rather decent food while we were there.
I also slept in the 'mess' as they'd call it. It's essentially houses converted to let say 20+ people to stay at any one go.
You get a blanket, a bed and a hot shower. Oh and air-conditioning. cheap cheap

These are pictures of the accommodation

and had time to go to the night market while we were in Malacca.
I have a picture somewhere.. hang on.
 the sights and lights.

Upon returning, there was a pile of things waiting for me to sort out. sigh.
There was that movie, numerous things with WynNi by my side. We had dinner at Banquet in BVII. not cheap.

Jacky dropped by one day. He had just came back from Singapore (then)
 yeap.. that's a rather retarded expression on him.. =)

so we caught up a little.. he came on the 31st of January. It's really good to see him again.
Me and my parents went to our customer's dinner in Seremban that day. The traffic was light.
Everything was good until about 7.40pm
The lights went out. Literally.
Dinner that night was by candlelight.. sigh
and it got stuffy really quickly. meh..
came back then mahjong! =) I think.. not sure. Curse my lousy memory.. lol
oh wait I went to Horng Kang's place. Everyone was there.
Hsiang Yang, Jan, Ed, Camilly, Chia Minn, HK and Jade.
They were playing some dumbass variation of the 'points' game. in 5 mins I won very miniscule amount of money.
and then short game of blackjack and more miniscule amount of money then people started leaving. and then we got down to playing mahjong.
May have won.. not too sure.

Sunday was a mini meet-up between me, Sook Yee, Chen Hoe and Yeok Cheng. We met at Marmalade in BVII.
Then.. in a sudden state, I decided to do super last minute shopping. ( I hadn't bought anything by that time)
In about the space of an hour? and a half maybe, I spent approx. 1k.
1 long sleeve shirt and 6 t's.
shocking how easily money can be spent.

I may have been about to buy somemore but I got a call to go to the appointed place for the reunion dinner.
This time I sat on the adult's table. =P
set up was like this (mind you this was last year's picture but the set up is similar)
 with another table inside

I can't remember having a happier CNY celebration in a long time.
There were 4 babies under the age of 1. A pair of twins, and 2 more sons. and I remember saying we have to have name tags on them eventually.. There's too many of them already.
And there was a lot of laughter.. Maybe it was just me but I was happy and enjoying the company of my extended family.
All 11+2+10+4+7+5+3+2 = 44 of them, large and small. There were some missing ppl. Missing but not forgotten.
The unmarried ones were given angpow after dinner time. There was a small spot of gambling this year after a few years or not doing it anymore. Most of the people in my family are rather sarcastic so we poke fun at each other and the result was just joy.

Went home to shower and change. Went back to my uncle's house for our now traditional popiah. Self-rolled with ingredients ranging from the regular to the not-so-regular
Fried lard, Ground-up dried shrimp, crab meat, on top of the boiled sliced radish, beansprouts, lettuce, sliced egg strips. Not to mention the house blend sauce.
I give you evidence.
 My hand-rolled creation. For the record, it was delicious. =)
Went to Kepong to partake in some new year gambling. Midway through, there were some fireworks display by the houseowner.
One of it was rather scary. It sounded like an artillery going off but it looked really nice.

First day of CNY

Visited my mom's side of the family in kepong. We were nearly the earliest people there. I seem most of them once maybe twice a year but it was nice seeing them again.
Left and went home to rest. Uncle Eddie came with his wife and daughter, Mun Yee.
I had to decline the dinner as I was headed out to go to Alor Setar. Bought myself a burger at the drive-through and left at about 8.20pm
I arrived before 12 am.

Second day

We went for breakfast or not.. Then went to the temple where the prayers were to be conducted for Wyn Ni's mom.
I sat it out. Went back then got ready to go to Sungai Petani to Wyn Ni's cousin's place.
House is fairly large with multiple levels. After having lunch, we played some ping pong and then they sang in the karaoke room while I rested.
Left at about 4 and made a pitstop at a KFC. The 2 little girls could certainly eat a fair bit.
There were tons of people when we arrived back at her house.
I took a nap cos I was getting rather tired with the driving and all that.
Dinner was at a hotel. Her cousin from China bought dinner for the family. 3 tables in all. Some of the relatives I've met previously, the rest were new to me.

Third day

In the morning, it was breakfast with WynNi's dad. Went over to her granma's place.. sat down, fell asleep and had a bit of lunch. Went off to Nick's place after that. See his 1 month? or 2 month old son and her best friends also came to visit him at the same time. Went to some healthy chinese dessert place which happened to be WynNi's relative's.
Sat and chat somemore. Left for KL after that. There were people waiting for me to play mahjong. Lol.
It was ON! We ended up playing 2 tables I think right next to each other. I made a killing that night. Lol. We may also have sat down and chat a little..

Fourth day

I don't remember what I did. Likely it involved gambling. Maybe lunch with my parents and Uncle Peter and his wife at Cubes over at Jaya 1. Food there is quite good and it's supposedly a chain from London. They specialise in aromatic duck and it's worth trying if you're ever there. I think it was the day that everyone went over to Hsiang Yang's house. Gambled some.. was the dealer for cards and then played mahjong too. Went over to Ed's place for a while to collect angpow.. haha his rules. Must visit his place to get angpow. Dinner was with Jade, Horng Kang, Chia Minn at the Italian place in TTDI.
Ean was having an open house. I dropped by his place. Tried my hands at cards, didn't go so well. The dealers were on a pretty hot roll. So I switched to poker. They folded a little too easily.. sigh. Went over to HK's place after that. Gave money to both HK and Chia Minn that night over mahjong. Bought some supper before while on the way there.. =)

Fifth day

Not sure what was done in the day time. At night was the dinner organised for my mom's side of the family held at Overseas Restaurant over at Jaya One.
 Ppl beginning to arrive. 4 tables in total. 52 ppl. And this is not everyone.

 One of the dish. We brought the fish ourselves. This is half of a '7 Star garoupa'. If that makes sense to you. One was 3+ kgs, the other was 4kg. There were 2 fishes for the 2 tables.

During the yee sang, I managed to catch it on video. Quality is a little grainy but you get the idea.

I had to start work the next day so I don't think I went out that night.

Sixth Day

Start work. Got there nice and early. Had my colleague make a run to Shah Alam to deliver some things and then we closed for the day. =)
We have our start work luncheon on the 6th day every year without fail.
This year was one with a difference. It was staff and family only.

 'yee sang'

Went over to Sook Yee's place after that to sit for a while and then to OJA's place for obligatory gambling session.
They were playing poker. I won =) Kate Lynn was asleep =(
by the time I left, she just woke up and was really cranky.
A friend of Wyn Ni was there as well.. I don't know how to spell her name. =)

Then I went home to shower before wandering back to Sook Yee's house for dinner + some more mahjong. Left at about 11 then Yew Jin's open house.
It'd started much earlier but I couldn't make it. BUT the gambling was in full swing. I lost money here.. a fair bit in about and hour or so. Rather unlucky in a way.
Then played mahjong till 5am. Barely won (read RM2) lol. But went for yumcha with those bunch of ppl after that. I don't think I've actually gone out for yumcha before.
Daniel, Yew Jin, Ying Loon, Kevin Lim, Phang.

Seventh Day

My aunt invited the staff + her friends for lunch at Star City.. I was horrendously late. Couldn't wake up actually.. heh. After that, went to her house for a while and my youngest uncle was the dealer. By playing RM1, I won 10+.. meh.. I went over to Hsiang Yang's after that. watched tennis for a while. Those 2 fell asleep on the couch so I told them I'll leave and leave them to it. He was flying off that night so it was a chance to say goodbye.
Dinner was supposed to be at Xiao Jin's house to take advantage of her open house. There was also dinner with Uncle Tee and another open house in Valencia, my cousin Jack's place.
I only left my house at 9+ so I missed everything except gambling at XJ's place. =) I was the dealer since everyone was playing so small. I kept losing initially but eventually I came back and managed to win a little. I had 3 blackjack's in a row.
Went for supper/dinner after that at a nearby mamak. It wasn't too bad. By that time, the Chelsea v Liverpool game was nearly done.
'Pool won 2-0
would have been better if the both of them had drawn their game. o' well.

Eighth Day

I went to Hino HQ to drop a cheque off and also have a short word with them. Then I had lunch with Yeok Cheng at DTF. Then I got a haircut at my usual place before heading over to Netmaster for some DotA goodness.
We won both games which wasn't too bad. Just me and CH and XJ. Everyone else was either busy or had already started work.
Poor them.
Dinner was with the recently promoted long-serving staff of Hino. Both of them happened to be husband and wife.
Talked and talked. It did rain quite heavily before tailing off while we're eating then started again when we were close to the end. The food there, Crocodile Farm Restaurant, was quite good. It has the added bonus of being halal as well.

Ninth Day

Work was pretty hectic today. We doubled our usual sales today. Then dinner was at Overseas on Jalan Imbi. OH MY GOD. I drove half an hour to get home to shower and pick my mother up. The drive to kl took more than one and a half hours.
This dinner was for mainly our suppliers or our larger customers.

final lou sang tally.
1 - Johor Bahru
2 - Seremban
3 - Alor Setar
4 - Mother's side of family dinner (5th day)
5 - Opening Luncheon
6 - Aunt's invitation
7 - Dinner at Overseas for suppliers

There might actually be more to come. But for now the tally stands at 7.

And there's finally progress on the house.
As you can see.. there ain't THAT much work conpleted since the last pictures
here, here, here, here, and here
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