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Christmas and New Year - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2009-01-05 19:11
Subject: Christmas and New Year
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Tags:dinners, friendship, recap, trips

Now that all the festivities has died down.. I guess I'm now able to do the recap post?

or not. =)

Over the past 15 days,
I've met some friends;
celebrated Christmas at Yeok Cheng's little get-together with her bunch of hard partying salsa friends. Food was potluck style and there was supposed to be a gift exchange to boot. I did neither. Xiao Jin, Sook Yee, Chen Hoe, Mei Yee + bf, Su Yin and quite a few other ppl were there.
then with a bunch of high school friends over at Finnegan's. Mostly at the prompting of the guy who came back from London. Hsiang Yang n Meng Jan, Kelvin Yuen n Siok Wei, Wei Bin n wife, Chin Siang, Horng Kang n Jade, Ban Eu, Jason, I think that's it.
celebrated New Year's at WynNi's sister's place where they had a bit of a barbeque plus went over to Alvin's where just chilled out with them plus WynNi of course.

Little Korea at Solaris with JennNee, Ed and wife, Horng Kang and Jade, Heng Wai and Jasper.
firestation (for lack of the correct name) Sook Yee, Chen Hoe, Sook Yee's mom and Floyd. not forgetting WynNi.
me and WynNi headed to Selayang for dinner last night. I've been missing the food there for a while. Szechuan steamed stingray for teh win! Took a little stroll around the pasar malam after that as well.
had dinner with WynNi at BSC's Chilli's restaurant. They've recently refurbished the building and from the outside it looked quite nice but the interior looks somewhat similar. Also bought myself like 11 books or rather got WynNi to buy me 11 books as my bday present. I've taken to selecting my own presents these days.. quite sad really.. ;-) bumped into alvin and diana there

Yew Wen and Joanna Tong on New Year's day.
Horng Kang after late night mahjong with Heng Wai on saturday night. Been a while since I stayed up till day break.
Alicia at Starbucks.

played DOTA

also on New Year's day with Floyd, Sook Yee, Chen Hoe. Saw Stefen there as well.

attended a wedding
in Teluk Intan with my parents. Surprising large number of attractive chicks which made it more bearable. Drove the S350 there and went on a little side trip to Ipoh as well for good measure. Picking out a door was the official reason.

played mahjong
twice. First time at Horng Kang's new very nice place in puchong "Lake Edge" which alternated between Edmund, Jade, Horng Kang for one side and plus me and Heng Wai.
Second time was the late night one at Heng Leng's place with Heng Wai and Horng Kang. Just almost like old times where we'd play mahjong till the wee hours of the morning then go for breakfast before headed home. Difference is some of them are already married with kids so they would leave earlier leaving those with less responsibility to continue playing. =) ah.. life

not quite sure what I've missed out. As always my memory is terribly suspect. I still haven't seen KateLynn for a while now. I wonder if she still remembers me.. =)

little known fact.
I used to have a crush on Heng Wai for about a year and a half when I was 14. Lol. I think she was essentially the very first one. Naturally it didn't get anywhere. hahaha
Lots of ppl getting married this year. hectic especially in September. Sherly my useless cousin is also getting married in March which could quite possibly be the only time I'll see her this year knowing her.

none. I never keep them so what's the point

"It is for the best. Dreams are best kept a dream. Reality would just spoil everything."

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