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Brief Shanghai Sojourne - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-12-19 18:02
Subject: Brief Shanghai Sojourne
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I was actually out of the country for a brief period last week. I went to Shanghai for the Automekanika Shanghai trade expo.
Went with one of my salesman. It was his first time going to China plus it was a little on the cold side. Temp range was about 2-16 Celcius.
I didn't bring a camera but my salesman was a little gung-ho with the camera. At last count, he had taken 200+ pictures. He was also a little bit afraid of the cold.
At the most, the number of layers he wore numbered 5.

Anyway, we took the midnight flight on wednesday night. Automekanika was supposed to start on the 10th and run through to the 12th. So our plan involved us getting there and going to the fair on the 2nd day. Complete the 3rd day then have a little bit of a holiday. Holidays these days though, they're not exactly restful. You end up walking a lot more than if you were just working. So there's actually more work involved in going for a holiday as opposed to just working.

We checked in at Motel 168. New Jin Qiao Road branch. Arrived at i believe it was 6 am in the morning. Then we slept the day through. Finally getting up at about 1+. Lunch and then made our way to the exhibition center. It wasn't very big. When compared with the Frankfurt Automekanika, it was but a fraction of the size. Maybe 10-15% or so in terms of floor space. We met one of our supplier/customer and we had dinner together in the end. I bade my salesman join them for their after-dinner activity and I went back to the room.

Day 2, slightly different itinerary. My dad arrived on that day, we met up and went to the fair together. There my dad met his turkish customer while I muddled around. Sook Yee and Chen Hoe showed up after a while along with CH's brother in tow. We had lunch together at some pasta place. Then we left the fair. There was nothing left to see.

Took the subway. Had a discussion on whether or not 'tong' meant east. Went along the famous bund. Lots of rubbish in the water. If you look somewhere around the mid-point of the bund, you'll actually see 2 guys scooping up the rubbish. I don't think they made much headway with it. There's just way too much. You'll also see barges making their way up and down the river.
At night, we had dinner with SY and CH and the rest of their family + their family in China. We had dinner at the famous 'Xiao Fei Yang' - literally translated as small fat sheep. They offer the super spicy steamboat as their specialty plus also the grilled lamb ribs + kebab like things.

We got to use individual pots. =) So I picked the spicy and my salesman picked the non-spicy option.
It was very satisfying and delicious. I think the key to all steamboat is that the ingredients are fresh.
We took a cab back after that.

The next day, we travelled by ourselves. Hooi (colleague/salesman) went and asked people for directions to head into the city. We encountered a local who was rather obliging and going to downtown as well. So we followed her through a bus ride, 2 subway lines and finally we part ways.
We were around the People's court area? i think and we went into one of the malls and had lunch there before proceeding to YuYuan Mart (Yue Yuen Miao).
At lunch, we had some delicious egg tarts, it's REALLY good. Observe exhibit A
 It's really eggy and not at all sponge/jell-o like.
And then at the YuYuan mart, we were actually walking about to get there but eventually told that it's actually a little too far to walk to.
I only took 2 pictures there. There'll be more later when Hooi comes back from his outstation assignment.
 I only took this because the Starbucks looks so out of place here. This was taken with my C902 phone. Sparkling sharp images. =P
The other was this.
 It's really quite cute. I didn't ask the price but I'd imagine that it wouldn't be cheap. Given that it's in such a touristy area. All ripe for the picking.

We were there for the better part of the day. Then we left and headed back to the hotel.
Dinner was with a supplier along with the Turkish customer. After dinner, we went to XinTianDe. The guy driving got a little lost so our journey ended up taking longer than it should.
XinTianDe is more an expat area than anything. Drinks are expensive here. We walked the length and breadth of that place and sat down at Haagen Daaz and had ice-cream out in the sub-10 temperature..
called it a night at 11+. They sent us home that was it.

The next day, we took a bus down to Carrefour and had lunch there.
Walked a fair bit cos we got out of the bus one stop too early.
It was really cold on this day. sub-10 temperature even in the day time.

And that was that. My last shanghai trip of the year. 2008
2008 is drawing to a close now and we should all reflect on how lucky we truly are.
Remember, it could be worse.
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