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next car to go.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-11-26 01:06
Subject: next car to go..
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I am feelingblahblah
Tags:random, recap, updates
we appear to be in some sort of car-changing phase this year
first it was 2082 -> 8020
then 137 -> 8020
now it's 6630 -> 8020


Parents are away beginning today so they'll get the car when they come back.
so it looks like my car should be parked back outside.. hmm..
here's to hoping the security film do what they're supposed to do.

So in the past week.
I've played futsal like 3 times a week for 2 weeks
then enough already.. lol

This week only playing once and that was today.
Next week going outstation so no point being too knackered.
I've gone and bought myself 2 phones in the past week
one was the K770i which my mom commandeered and gave to my sister.
so I ended up buying the c902i

spending way too much money these days..
then buying me mom a white w910i for her bday.. only arriving next week from london.. whee =)
definitely spending too much.

Other than that, been spending some time with Wynni between all the futsals and etc.
oh it was my sister's bday last week which coincided with Jo-Lyn's bday + another cousin's bday.
and this year, it also clashed with my granma's bday since we only observe her chinese bday because we don't know the western date. O_o
so last weekend, in between bouts of diarrhoea, there was a bday dinner for my sister which then made me miss jo-lyn's celebration
then the next day was my granma's bday dinner. most of the family were there. only 4 tables at noble house.

Then on sunday, I met up with Yew Wen for lunch and we caught up some then I drove to Malacca for a wedding dinner.
Minor customer's wedding dinner but made more important because he was a former colleague of my dad's.
there goes the weekend
and we're back to yet another week.

okay I don't feel like an interesting/inspiring writer today.

the end.
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