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lax updating yet again.. =) - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-11-17 00:58
Subject: lax updating yet again.. =)
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Tags:birthday, books, celebration, dinners, random, recap
in the past 2 weeks
other than my bday which i appeared to have over.. i don't know the word.. overplayed i guess would be the word i'm looking for, I have failed to update own journal on what else has been happening.

I've began to play bball with one of my colleagues who was a former state player. Actually attempting to play would have been a more suitable word to describe it.
I have 2 pairs of basketball shoes
one pair was from when I was in Australia playing every week on Saturdays from 10am-3/4pm. When I came back from Australia some nearly 3 years later, I left that pair in Melbourne at my dad's friend's house to be brought back at a later date.
Then I bought another pair after I came back since I needed a pair to work with.
Fast forward 2 years, my older pair came back from Melbourne. I put that to work and kept the 'newer' one in the box vowing to use it when the older pair broke down.
Fast forward again another 4 years and I haven't been playing much basketball since I started working.
So I used the older pair (by now it'd be 9 years old) since by now, it still hasn't broken apart. I got to Setapak and changed and took a few steps or maybe it was a step. And the heel section just gave way.
 The design is the same but mine, the colour scheme is different. Black, blue and white. Much, much less white.


So I went to watch anyway the basketball game.
That was week 1.

The following week, I took out the other pair (6 years old) and tested it at home first. It still held together and I happily made my way to Setapak yet again to play.
I made it to the court this time and that first step was my undoing. The heel section gave way as well. I shuffled back to my car and put on my sandals.
Eventually I was gonna play 2 games with my sandals and my socks and still managing to score some and win the games. Wasn't a complete waste of travel but still a little stupid.
So this will be a lesson.
Don't keep shoes for too long.. They still fall apart anyway. =) Both pairs were Nikes. I've been told that Nike shoes have a design for utility period of 2 years which means that they're designed to last no more than 2 years. Interesting eh?

In that time, I also bought another pair of shoes which were for futsal.
 The other side is also the same as the left side of the shoe. 3 red bands and a gold band. I quite like it. =)
The previous pair were about 2 years old already and looked just about something the cat dragged in. So now i'm on the hunt for a pair of basketball shoes to replace the 2 goners. Although I haven't exactly spotted any despite numerous attempts to the contrary.

I'm a slight shopoholic sometimes.. esp when it comes to books. I think i've bought somewhere in the region of 10 books in the past 2-3 months maybe? With another one bought today.. heh =)
I used to read the series written by this author called Simon R. Green. As always, they're of the fantasy/sci-fi genre. I've managed to find one so far. In the hunt for the rest.

So I've also been playing a fair bit of futsal. Wednesdays and Saturdays. The basketball attempts were on Tuesdays which would usually futsal but for the lack of actual action. There was no futsal for 4 weeks before I resigned myself to joining another group for futsal and then my colleague for bball. Definitely feeling the age now. Lol. I could hardly breathe when I played basketball.. man I'm so damn out of shape.

On my bday proper, I had dinner with my family in CungDinh Vietnam. It was quite good though a little pricey. My sister definitely enjoyed the food.
My mother's bday was the following day. Instead of just the 2 of them just having dinner together, all of us had dinner together. This time it was at Jake's at my sister's insistence. Wyn Ni was at both dinners. I think she's getting used to them.. hehe

Other than that, karaoke with colleagues have been postponed. Met with YC once for some yumcha. There was also a brunch + Dota session which I engineered last weekend.
Long time coming.. Could have been better.. haha.

other than that.
Life's been the same old same old.
Oh, met Jacky yesterday. He was back for 2 days.. and it had suddenly crossed my mind to give him a call but he switched off his phone.
I thought that maybe something had happened to him and I wouldn't know since I have no other means to contact him. Called the other numbers that I had and came up with nothing. Eventually dropped a msg with a hope. He returned with a call later.

my paranoid mind goes nuts sometimes. =P
anyway.. insane ramblings now done.
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