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In the past 10 days..... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-11-03 14:26
Subject: In the past 10 days.....
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I am feelinghappyhappy
Tags:birthday, celebration, friendship
My dad had some visitors, actually more like former classmate + family (attachment)
so the classmate (he) went for old boys' reunion and I played host to the family + attachment (read son's gf)

It was last friday. 24th Oct
Massive jam all over KL and PJ. super bad timing
and to top that, my dad's car went to the crapper. It wouldn't start. and it was parked in a double parking position.. Luckily it could be moved forwards and backwards. But the steering wheel was locked so.. it had to stay at that position without a chance of parking it like a normal car.

I rushed back to change and everything, rushed back to the office to try with the spare keys and then when that failed, picked my sister along for dinner and then WynNi as well.
picked all 3 up and all that I could come up with was Madam Kwan's. Nothing fantastic just decent food. It was a little late and traffic was still shit all around kl/pj area. So had to settle for that.

The next day, I took them to Greenview. Aunty Ann was gonna go for the wedding dinner with her husband but she changed her mind because she wanted Chilli Crab. The crab did not disappoint. Everyone was very very sated after that. We had crab, honey bite sized squid, sang har mee (big-headed prawn noodle), lala (mini clams) and a vege i think.
Then we went for a bit of durian for dessert.
Awesomeness.. lol
I sent them home and me and WynNi hopped over to Sook Yee's house for a bit of Wii fun.

On Sunday, I took them to Bak Kut Teh for lunch. They overate as they did in the past few meals. Lol. Sent everyone to their separate ways. Wyn Ni went shopping with her guest from SingaporeSo I took the guests to Gardens and I had my haircut. After the haircut, I went home and rested. For dinner, I had to drive them to Sg. Long for dinner at my dad's business partner's house. Dinner was certainly good.

Sent them home after that and then went home and got ready for a night out.
Zouk was the venue, more specifically Velvet. It was sorta to celebrate Sook Yee's bday. So there were quite a lot of happy faces that night..
Mum's the word when happiness unspecified is concerned.

Monday morning.
It was a public holiday. Deepavali.
I had organised a Karaoke thing for Sook Yee at Red Box. WynNi was gonna meet some ppl along with her friend from Singapore so she didn't come.
The partying the night before hadn't been too kind one some of the more enthusiastic revellers so they looked very much worse for wear.
=) There were gonna be more but they fell one by one like flies. ahh.. flies..
oops sorry... distracted a little 0_o

so karaoke lasted till 3pm. Not sure what happened after that. I think we had coffee and we went our separate ways. Not sure what I did after that.. hmm.. I seem to be having blanks again.
oh well. =)


I treated my some of my cousins to dinner the other day.. though I didn't tell them why.. it was more a thanks for everything sort of gesture but they interpreted it as bday person buying dinner.. Go figure.. =)

I had a Bosch event that I was supposed to attend but I was overly tired and actually just slept the night away. On a Friday night no less.
A failed attempt at my basketball comeback because my shoe refused to cooperate (it cracked up.. literally)
Saturday I played futsal at OUG with a different bunch. I could barely move after that.. 2 hours!! omigod
had dinner with WynNi then called it a night.

Sunday was the halloween party plus my 'surprise' bday party.. =)
well it was planned that way but things don't always go according to plan. Lol
In the morning, I had brunch with Tammie at Delicious in 1u. I haven't seen her in like .. nearly 2 years. Last time being her bday in 2006 i believe.
 This was taken in SevenAteNine 2 years ago..

During brunch, I caught sight of Andrew, Bee Shin's hubby. Crane as I might, I could not spot BS so I called out to Andrew. He immediately pointed to the back. They had come for lunch with their baby son, Cody. I went over to say hi and later when they left. Cody who was previously sleeping was awake and looking almightly grumpy. lol.

After brunch and goodbyes, I went to buy stuff for the party. Then took Wyn Ni to lunch and from then it was a little bit of a whirlwind getting everything ready. Running around getting the food, making sure I didn't forget to bring anything important.. etc.. and wig/costume sort of thing
By 7, I had not yet changed and sweating a little.
My 'almost famous' char siew made is 2nd appearance last night. It was well-received. Only complaint was that it was too fat but.. without fat, the thing just won't be as tasty. Trust me.

Floyd and Meng Jan were the first to arrive. One was Constantine, the other was a witch.. can you guess who was what? =)
Next up were the party of non-dressed up 3. Jo-Lyn, Joa Quim and Ken. By then, I wasn't particularly inspired anymore to wear my getup. Then came the next 2 who really put their heart and effort into their costumes. One was a fierce, ebil with and the other a particular Potter. The ebil witch wasn't happy upon seeing us with our non made upselves. Nearly turned us into toads she did.
I'll put the pictures up when I get them transferred.
Then OJA showed up.. and she had a pumpkin basket along with a pair of multi-coloured wings.
Joanna was the nearly last to arrive.
She came in a full she-devil getup. Horns, pitchfork, the works.
She started to jab at me with the pitchfork when she saw me dressed so casually.. ;)


So the bday cake (tiramisu made by Jo-Lyn) was brought out after much delay.

We were waiting on the tardy pair of Albert and Pat. In the end we just started without them. Obligatory short speech made giving thanks to friends. Hsiang Yang was on the line with Meng Jan so I got a be-earlied wish from him too. Serina sent a video message complete with her wearing a bright red wig.
It was a different sort of birthday this year. Thanks to WynNi for making it all possible.
Thanks darling.

and thanks to those to managed to make it despite the many reasons.. =)
 minus OJA who left in a hurry
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User: soonja
Date: 2009-01-08 09:17 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
eh where did you get that afro?
that's a cool and convenient halloween prop! heh
although i imagine all that space it'll occupy in storage if you don't use like a um vacuum bag.
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User: dcsjin
Date: 2009-01-09 04:58 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
went to a costume house to buy. =) i bought it esp for halloween... they were out of stock for too many things so I thought of going as PCK but yea.. too many ppl didn't do it so i just ended up wearing that wig
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