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been a little lax.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-10-24 00:56
Subject: been a little lax..
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I am feelingcheerfulcheerful
Tags:birthday, random, recap
it coincided with an upswing in business which ran contrary to prevailing market situations.
So was really busy with all the goods coming in and all that and good business.

I managed to find the time to finally wash my car for the first time no less last saturday.. That spanking clean feeling lasted for about an hour or so before the heavens opened up.. again
another feature of the past 2 weeks or so... constant f*cking rain..
Also attended some Hino Dealers meeting and also had lunch with former housemate Eric, now turned supplier..
what else can I add?

Let's see..
There was a raya thing at Wyn Ni's relative's place in Seputeh.. 3k square feet condo.. very nice.
Then it was off to a house warming somewhere in Cheras..
took WynNi up on her challenge and got to the house without much incident.
in the rain, and to a place that I haven't been to before.. hah!

and then.. went to Nilai for a wedding dinner.
Took the bleeding wrong turn.. did you know that there are 2 turns to Nilai.. which is kind of misleading.
It's more like there are 2 turns IN the Nilai area.. I took the north exit and ended up on the highway to the KLIA..
all in all about 40 mins longer drive to get to the wedding dinner.
The place was nice and big. Has a big stage and the bride and groom were supposedly good singers
and they showcased their talents.
What's up with that these days? Ppl showing off.. Puts pressure on the rest of us more ordinary folks..

He sang a song while she was walked in by her father.
Then they changed their clothes and came up through the stage and sang a duet.

Met quite a lot of WynNi's former colleagues and friends at the house warming and wedding dinner.

Ermm.. coerced Ean and Pat to play DoW with me and Jo-Lyn one of them nights when we had nothing to do..
I think I'm getting better at ordering people around these days.. heh
The pool place in Solaris was full hence the need to alternative entertainment. Having a drink at Coffeebean can only last you so long..
ok.. rambling a bit again..

I've noticed that pumping up on V-Power gives me a better mileage.
500+ km vs 400+ on the regular.
difference is about 100km which is substantial given the amount more that is paid.

hmm.. what else..
I played futsal at the Extreme Park in Sunway...
Did you know that you have to take a road through the construction site to get there?
I was on the road to nowhere and realised that I had taken a wrong turn.
A quick call to Jarrod and then I backtracked and took the right route..

in between somewhere, I finally met up with Meng Jan. Picked her up from work.. then we did dinner with WynNi and then.. sent her home but had to detour to get her sister and then get grilled on my opinion on her restaurant. And then was promised a free meal and then included in a supposed VIP discount list.
All as predicted by Meng Jan..
Stays a little far.. and so I told her.. don't expect it too often.. =P

Oh yeah.. most important thing.. =)
It was WynNi's bday on the 13th of October. Had a nice dinner with Sook Yee and Chen Hoe the night before and just had it simple on the monday.
Bought her her gift which she picked herself.
Although she had to weigh which one was more bang for the buck.. so to speak.

 It was the pink one that she picked.. *rolls eyes*
Her dad was also in town and had some dimsum with him plus her sister and bro-in-law at Concorde.
So happy birthday my dear. =)

the end
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