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sometimes, i'm too much for my own good.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-10-07 01:52
Subject: sometimes, i'm too much for my own good..
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I am feelingtiredtired
Tags:birthday, car, dinners, friends, movies, recap, theatre
I've been asked.
How come no updates?

and here I was.. thinking I post WAY too much..

"I just check once in a while and read just the top 2 posts. Too many to read la."
"Dude, you post way too much.. I can't keep up with the updates."

and so on and so forth..
so imagine my surprise!

but then I am now back to non 'persona non grata' since 'persona grata' has left.
ok. time to bring out the rest of my army..
if I can find them that is.

As always, a rambling train of thought.

First things first
I finally got rid off the Sentra WJE137
pictured here with the black (ugly) rims. Someone's words not mine.. If you're reading this, finally got rid of them ugly rims.. along with the entire car!
No more 137.. =)

and instead of what I'd want

I got this instead

This is the exact colour that I got.
I got security film installed on it since this is a carjacking magnet..

Other than that, business has been brisk since my return from Europe.
WynNi and I caught 2 movies during that time.
Mamma Mia! and The Dark Knight.
Both of them are worth the admission fee.. Dark Knight probably much more so.

I've also gotten some toys back from London.
Namely some phones.
But I ended up giving 3 of them to my staff.. mostly reimbursed by the company since they're now company property.
A K510i, K550i and a W880i.

I myself am using the W910i, black.
It looks quite sleek and I'm pretty chuffed about it but I am a little worried about the phone as it seems a little on the delicate side and I'm not the most gentle person around.
so that's quite a lot of new stuff.. =)

Bollywood actresses are very hot. Seriously..
We were watching the Zee channel just now at Di Kayu.. not our choice but hey since it's on.. =P
and the girls were in agreement.

Su-Lyn was around and me, Jo, Su-Lyn and Pat had coffee on Friday night. random moments of .. stuff =P
I was early and Jo was unprepared.

Then it was Pat's bday celeb at Frontera over at Jaya One on Saturday
decent food, great margaritas, horrible service.
I went for my cousin's daughter's 'full moon' which essentially celebrates their 1 month after their birth. It's a chinese custom thing.
Oh yeah, I was late for that as well cos I took a very long nap.
I was at the family affair for about 30 mins then hop over to Frontera to discover that some of them actually didn't get their food yet.
Those who hadn't cancelled and we hopped over to Wendy's for some really fast food.
Just a little note, (I don't get paid), for every Chicken meal that you purchase, you get an additional 6 pieces nuggets for free.
Free food = win

I've also had 2 DotA and late night yumcha sessions with Chen Hoe.
The first day of DotA totally sucked. We lost all the games.
2nd time was way more satisfying.. ahh.. =)

and I just learned a new phrase today
from a webcomic no less.
Non-sequitur - "a reply that has no relevance to what preceded it"
Who says you can't learn anything? =)
All you need is an open mind and an eagerness to know. A curiosity that knows very little bounds and a thirst for knowledge.

On another note,
I've caught Gamarjobat: Western with WN, YC, JQ and it was entertaining.
They use the audience a lot and I think that just draws people in and makes it so much more fun for everyone.

Been buying a lot of books.
9 in the past.. month or so. Only read about 2 though. Plus the book that WN bought for me.
Dragonlance - War of the Souls . Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
Terry Brooks - can't remember the name of latest saga. The current book is the Elves of Cintra.
R.A. Salvatore, Book VII - The Legacy.
Been waiting for the latest Raymond E. Fiest books as well.
And planning to re-read Simon R. Green. - Deathstalker saga.

lots of reading to be done..
books to buy..
Do I contribute to the felling of trees?
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