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my europe jaunt part duex 2008 - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-09-29 03:07
Subject: my europe jaunt part duex 2008
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I am feelinghappyhappy
Tags:pictures, trips, updates
Needless to say given my.. laziness
my time in london actually involved a lot of TV watching
something which I don't do much in KL..

I arrived on saturday night and HY and I went out for dinner with Ai Ling.
HY stays in this lovely apartment over in the Hammersmith and Fulham borough with 2 other housemates. Ai Ling and Arlene. They were quite nice and I have met Arlene some 2 years back though she doesn't remember me anymore.. =( She made a wicked roast leg of lamb which we polished off real good.
evidence be here.
 Notice the empty tray on the left... =)

So anyway, We went to this place called PeeJay's and the truth is, it's an American chain but supposedly serves good fish and chips. But get this, their dinner menu did not have fish and chips on it.

Sunday morning we had brunch at Tootsies
 This is Zoran with the menu.

This was what I had for breakfast
 Butterscotch milkshake
 English breakfast (grilled mushrooms, bacon, sausages, well-done scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes)
 A burger.. (can't remember the name but it has bacon, cheese and a humongous beef patty)

ok the rest of the pictures are here.... inserting them here is a pain..
Then me and HY went to the library to get some visit various places in the world type of books.
lazed around a lot and I was seriously still stuffed by dinner time so Arlene just cooked a simple meal and then we went to a place nearby to play some pool after that.

On monday, I didn't do much again ordered a pizza for lunch and by the time I finally decided to get out.. it was a little late in the afternoon so I decided to cook for the housemates.
Went out to buy some ingredients
 Pasta sauce.. self concoction mix of chillies, bacon, salami, garlic, pasta sauce
 Grilled chicken breast fillets

HY was gonna work late but in the end he came back for dinner anyway.. =)
lazy day.. hehe

and then
Tuesday.. I did essentially what I did on Monday and only in the evening, left to meet HY to watch Spamalot which is sort of a musical comedy based loosely on the Camelot fables.
It was pretty funny but I think HY enjoyed it more than I did. lol. Then we went to Chinatown for dinner.

Wednesday.. I think you'd have guessed it.. I didn't do anything again and then for dinner I met up with Sarah whom I actually haven't seen in nearly 10 years.
She was last seen here.
 It's always nice to catch up.. =)
We had dinner in Chinatown over at.. 4 seasons? and they have allegedly the best duck dish in Europe.
.. maybe I exaggerate =)

On Thursday I went over to the Natural History Museum. I took the C1 bus from Sheperd's Bush. and walked around the whole place. I actually did learn a few facts. It was pretty interesting.

I went to Cambridge on Friday I believe..

I had it all figured out.
I'd check the train times, find out where to take it from, and how to get to the train station in the first place
and i neglected to check what to do when I was there..
Plus it was drizzling a little so I guess I'll head back there again one day and do the proper tourist thing..

On Saturday
I headed to Bristol to do tourist thing + meet Su Lyn and also Shao-Lyn who met me half way as she was coming from Epsom.
We walked about, we had lunch.. sat by the river. It was a nice town/city.
Big enough yet small enough.
There are quite some things to see and do and the crowd isn't overwhelming.
SuLyn promised that there was this absolutely gorgeous view from the town which is next to Bristol. Thing is, it's located on higher ground and so when you look across, you can see the entire city/town. But we didn't manage to make that as I had to go back to the city to meet HY and an old friend, Liang Chung, which was mentioned in the previous post.

Did you know that for Melbourne Uni students, we use the Melbourne showgrounds as our exam venue.. you can still smell the horsey..
However, over in Bristol, they use this keep of sorts which doubles as their law faculty. The main hall is really nice. a far cry from the showgrounds.

 That's me by the high street in Bristol

Anyway, so back in London, we had a nice dinner near Kensington High Street called Ffiona's (deliberate double f)
It's a little bit of like homely food but prepared really nicely.
The owner, Fiona, will actually sit herself down by your table and chat with you.
Before that though, the guys were convinced that they would get drunk and talk smack that sort of thing. So we trudged over to.. M&S and bought some liquor + wine + mixers.
Chun Te joined us for dinner too. He's also another super longtime schoolmate whom I haven't seen in forever so it was nice.

We headed back to HY's place to start drinking.
LC had some wine, had a shower and then promptly fell asleep. So much for the must make SooJin drunk plan.
I drove Chun Tee back while HY navigated.

The next day, the entire household was to meet by the river Thames for the Thames festival.
Us 3 musketeers went for breakfast in .. can't remember. We had crepes for brekkie and it was quite good.
we finished the meal with a shared sweet crepe.
and then we parked the car someplace and took the tube from Green park to the Waterloo.
Made a stop at a pub and they had some cider while I used the.. facilities.. =)

Then it was off to the fair.
 Lots of people out on a nice sunny day.
so walked about,
had some gelato,
caught a hilarious performance.

And ended the night with dinner in Bayswater at the same restaurant that I had dinner at when I first arrived in London 2 years ago.
It was to celebrate the mooncake festival.
I've met some of them before but I don't really remember their names.
Just like now I don't remember their names anymore.
One of them was really helpful and gave me this call cab number which I used the next day to get to the airport for like 25 pounds.
cheap.. considering I was in Hammersmith going to the city airport which'd take about 45 mins.
A London black cab would cost me twice as much likely.

so yeah.. went to the airport the next day.. had a spot of bother from the security + police due to the number of handphones that were on my person.
Took the flight to Germany and I'll continue the trip some other time.

On another note
bday shoutouts to

Meng Jan

hah! old people =P
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2008-10-04 15:56 (UTC)
Subject: *slurP*
Eh, Mr Bear, cook for me??? hehe

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2008-10-04 21:06 (UTC)
Subject: Re: *slurP*
if u had visited me in melbourne, i might have just cooked for you everyday.. =P
but now.. no. too lazy
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