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realisation.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-09-08 13:18
Subject: realisation..
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I've come to the conclusion that we identify with movies where the main character is a simpleton/mentally challenged people because..
essentially we envy them.
How the cares of our world are so unimportant to them
I saw this korean show called Ba:Bo
like so many movies with this sort of theme, it reminds US that there's more to life than worldly success, material things
reminding us what is important to us. keeping us firmly focused on that one thing that is important to us and disregarding everything else so that it won't interfere with our focus.
As it is, we get sidetracked by 'wants' which could be a societal suggestion as we try to keep up with the joneses or maybe after so many years of bombardment by advertising, we mentally just seek to ease these artificial or induced wants

In this show, the mother had already passed away around early teens, dad died when he was really young during an accident where he became mentally handicapped. The mother entrusted him with one thing and that was to take care of his little sister.
He did all this with a steadfast devotion as well as writing on the ceiling of his room the things that he has to do everyday to ensure that his little sister is taken care of.
But as with stories like this, he dies in part as a sacrifice to save his sister. And all this he did with a smile on his face.
But his dedication touched his sister who had previously ignored him because she was too ashamed to admit that he was her brother. And when she saw the writings on the ceiling, she broke down because she could no longer say that she's sorry.
The other members of the cast had their own problems which the main protagonist helped simplify and reminded them of what's truly important.

At the end of the day, we should remember what is truly important to us to avoid regrets and to avoid making the wrong choices.
For it is the one thing that we have;

Free will.
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