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alo from London - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-09-08 12:50
Subject: alo from London
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Located @London
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Tags:recap, updates
So I'm now currently in London at Hsiang Yang's place on Richmond Way. It's kinda near Hammersmith station.
Actually smack between the Hammersmith stations as well as the Sheperd Bush's station.
His previous place was near Queensway station and all that Bayswater.

We're gonna go catch the musical tomorrow.
Sarah will meet me perhaps on wednesday or something?
The housemates have been quite nice.

In fact, we've gone for dinner + brunch together already
and also played some pool as well last night.

Dinner on saturday night was at this american chain called PJ's
and then brunch on sunday morning was at Tootsie's
I have some pictures of the latter =)
Though I totally overate.. omigod..
=) and I couldn't really eat any dinner after that.. lol

Now i'm at home waiting on the delivery of one phone while Hsiang Yang have already picked up my W910i.
whee.. finally have a new phone =)

As I've filed multiple disclaimers regarding my lack of memory..
remember it still stands..
I don't remember what I did during the run-up to my departure.
There may have been DoTA, some mahjong.
a house party..
a meet up with Kelvin Yuen and Pau Chun as well at a mamak. =)

oh yeah!
wedding and the morning 'bride reception + tea ceremony' on the 31st of August
The games to torture the groom were super duper tame.
but then again.. those 2 have already been dating for 10 years + registered last year so.. no surprises there.

During the dinner, there was a showcase of talents of sorts.
We had some singing from the bride's father and the bride
and also piano playing from the groom.
Congrats again to Mark and Wei Si, husband and wife.
The pictures are on facebook so I can't actually show you anything.. =)
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