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and you know what.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-08-20 22:06
Subject: and you know what..
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I am feelingindescribableindescribable
Listening toAugustana - Boston
Tags:dinners, recap, reflections
I've gone back to not posting simply because.. I don't know what to say

Events have come and gone.. and I've been building bridges.. but possibly to nowhere. =) an open ended bridge that ends in mid-air
very much like our scenic bridge at the south of the peninsula..
pointless and ultimately futile.

Tammie has blown me off twice now and my weekends from now till the 21st of Sept appears to be packed.. so maybe next year? ;-)

I'm quite looking forward to my trip.. Not only do I not really pay anything but I get some r&r away from Malaysia.. been quite a long time in coming. so it's gonna be great!

mini recap
Station 1 cafe on monday night was pretty good. There was a live duo singing. The guy is better than the girl. But she can really emote..
met Mindy and Aries for lunch on Sunday.
played one game of DotA somewhere in between somewhere..

I have a bunch of things which I'm procrastinating on.. most of which I can't seem to recall right now..

So gohtong dinner is this saturday night, I asked Joa to send out the invite via facebook so that I can get some sort of a headcount.. maybe tomorrow she'll be free to do it..
Of late, some ppl have been getting on my nerves but I'm still holding my tongue though I do want to bite back.. I do have an attitude problem too you know? ;)

Oh yeah.. there were some pool games as well and I lost some and I won some.

Met OJA, Rachel and Danny on monday. it's been 10 years since I last saw Rachel and Danny.
One's a sociologist in USA and the other's a psychiatrist in tasmania..
*reason for the crazies in tazzy*
"It's too quiet." =D


I have a confession to make..
I have a problem..

my box is very big.. (not everyone will get this reference, has to do with the personality quiz thingie that a bunch of us did)
so how?
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