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doing a lot of these things these days.. =) RECAPS! - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-08-04 00:50
Subject: doing a lot of these things these days.. =) RECAPS!
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So.. I've seen Definitely, Maybe starring Ryan Reynolds and.. a few chickas..
and.. how do I put it..
I like it? =P

I also caught Harith Iskander's "I Dunno" today..
I don't know (pun unintended) about you but I've seen probably too many of his shows and I have to say.. at least 40% recycled material.. Maybe he was running a little tight on the cash.
I don't know.. again unintended.
Douglas, as WynNi put it, on the other hand had new material and it kinda makes u think that at least he's making an effort y'know..
So for myself, I think I'll be giving Harith shows a miss for a year or so so that the old jokes gets cycled out of the system.

To Harith, "It is true what they say, we want comedians to have new material everytime.. you're not a singer singing one of his/her hits."

Today (3rd) is actually JJ's bday so happy 29th man.. =)
We had a little celebration over at his pad on the 2nd with Sharon cooking some pasta and generally making sure the masses were fed.
Some of us brought food/snacks/fast food and etc.. Jo-Lyn though went the extra mile and baked a cake.
It was quite yummy. Buttercake with a .. vanilla-esque icing with orange rind ..

Business has been super-duper quiet for the past week. sigh

Joanne Leong came by for a lunch meet. I haven't seen her in over 6 years I think.. I was supposed to show up for her wedding some 5 years ago but I feel ill with a fever after coming back from Malacca back then.
So it was nice catching up with her.. Her mannerism still remains the same and she's now the proud mother of 2 daughters. So that's good.
Back in the days of IRC, she was my only one 'pet older sister'
yes.. I am guilty of being that part of the herd going around collecting 'pets'. =)

Played Dota this week too.. awesome win.. though I assisted too many people in killing enemy heroes.. 8 frigging assists.. nabeh..

Went to this place called HongKong Point over in Atria.
I had dinner there with Chen Hoe one day and then today went with WynNi and Jo-Lyn for some dessert.
Ok.. to start, the drinks there are generally yummy and well-made.
They have dessert there as they're actually more a dessert oriented place.
But my main course was sizable and quite good. Chen Hoe's one wasn't as memorable.
We had 2 starters that day, 1 prawn/meat deepfried thing which was good and a prawn miso chicken wing that wasn't so good.
On the plus side, the serving sizes are generous and I would definitely go back there again as there are some interesting things on the menu that i've yet had the opportunity to try.

Today was a total furniture/household appliances shopping day mixed in with the stand-up comedy performance, all of it with WynNi.
Lorenzo, Macy's, Harvey Norman.. knackered..

I think that's about it.. Till the next update.
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