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more recaps - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-07-30 01:47
Subject: more recaps
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Tags:recap, updates
Last week caught Hellboy2 with WynNi and SookYee and ChenHoe
and then..
there was a round of pool somewhere, I think on a Thursday?, and it was me, Jo, Lai Lyn and Sook Yee over at Solaris.
And I had bowling with Yeok Cheng earlier in the week

ermm.. I picked up my comp as well hence the lazy + stupid posts + blatant stealing posts things..
words elude me right now and I'm rambling and random.. woah.. too much

I sorta spammed ppl into reconnecting.. =)
I'm shameless I know
so this week I should be having lunch with Joanne, then following Saturday, I think it should be dinner with Tammie..
of course, all this planning could still go askew with a simple,"something came up.. " but I hope that it won't be the case

Last sunday was the day of the company buffet lunch over at Eest restaurant.. due to various reasons or other, 2 staff weren't at the lunch.
The food was essentially dimsum and frankly nothing to shout about.
Oh then me and WynNi bid the rest goodbye and we hurried over to Pavillion.. then realised parking at the hotel would PROBABLY be more expensive then dashed back to Westin and drove over to the Pavillion and then .. *gosh so many "and then"* wandered around that place.
First things first, I've been very curious about the whole fish spa thing and so we went to the Kenko Foot Reflexology Centre right next to the GSC cineplex.
paid.. RM38 per person and then washed our feet and soaked
I think WynNi has some pictures of it so if I do get a hold of them, I'll post them up

It was an odd sensation.. kinda like mini electric shocks though the more ticklish people would be tickled pink..
WynNi couldn't get both feet in.. I think she was louder than the kids.. -_-"
But her reaction wasn't too out of the ordinary.. some guys jumped in with both feet and the yelped and withdrew them out of the water.. haha
30 minutes of that later, we wandered off and.. that's when the error in judgement happened.
WynNi was feeling peckish and we ended up at Laksa Shack
She had Assam Laksa while I had the Nyonya Laksa..
I think I turned green by about 7-8pm? but not before we washed her car and all that.
So Monday was a case of the food poisoning bug for me.. I still went to work but only for probably 5 hours or so.

And the important part,
On satuday, WynNi and I finally had our dinner to celebrate our one year anniversary.
So .. to get it started, I told her to dress up.. though not really necessary
and then I didn't tell her the venue.. =)
So when I parked in an alley..

"Dear, why are you parking here? Looks dangerous.. "


So we actually walked past the door before turning back.
Yeap.. I took her to Cafe Cafe. Food was good, ambience was great. She loved the place so that's more points for me yes? =P
Happy 1 year anniversary my dear..
May there be many more to come.

"</end important part>"
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2008-07-30 02:24 (UTC)
Subject: hello message
1) How are you and Wyni?
2) Pls send my regards to Chen Hoe.
3) Fish Spa - feel so go, feel so silly, when i put my foot in, shouted with laughed..haha..all my friends enjoyed the fish spa so much.
4) I love spicy. So, i love laksa. :)

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User: dcsjin
Date: 2008-08-03 15:24 (UTC)
Subject: Re: hello message
hey you =)

1) Me and Wyn Ni doing A-ok
2) I will do that if I remember.. =)
3) feel so go? it's either feel so so or feel so good.. so which would it be? =) It was enjoyable for me.
4) I love spicy too.. just that it might have been bad coconut milk or something.. =)
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