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Money makes my world go round.. or does it? - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-07-23 00:49
Subject: Money makes my world go round.. or does it?
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I am feelingcomplacentcomplacent
Tags:random, recap, updates
So what have I missed out for this month?

Let's see
resumption of DoTA sessions
I think a dinner with Lai Lyn, Joa and JJ
one night paintball session over at Desa Waterpark's carpark on the 12th
the anti-christening of Jo-Lyn's pool cue.
Katelynn's 1 year bday at Tropicana on the 19th
not quite breakfast with Debbie and YC and JunJun on the 20th? It's a 'not-quite' cos I was nearly 3 hours late.. =P
Bowling with YC
2 Futsal sessions or 3.. 1 goal scored each time.. =)
Still waiting on the ID for complete sets of drawing for the house.. =)

I joined a Saturday night dinner with Joa, Jo, Pat and Ken over at.. Changkat Bukit Bintang "Bermuda and Onion"
most of the food that we ordered were pretty darn good.
Jo's supposed to be writing the review.. still waiting for it to see the light of day. There should be accompanying pictures too so keep an eye out for it.

what else am I missing?

Oh my appointment as driver for Mark and Wei Si's wedding..
hmm.. I think I covered it for this month.. so far..

My travel plans for September appears to be firming up finally..
still contemplating if travelling a little would be a good idea... since I'm such a poor chap.
Or perhaps taking a weekend down to Singapore wouldn't be such a bad idea since
a) I haven't been there in 4 years
b) Would be good to see Sharon and Jacky
c) Just to get away?

but I did spend an indecent amount of money.. and I haven't even replaced my shoes/phone and everything else material in my life that needs changing... sigh

Must have more money!!
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