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self-amusement is key.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-07-11 01:01
Subject: self-amusement is key..
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I am feelingexhaustedexhausted
Tags:movies, one tree hill, recap
So I'm seen Californication - a good watch if you can get past the sex and the breasts and.. those things..
it has a witty sarky humour that I totally enjoy.. too bad it was only 12 episodes in the first season. But it's coming back for season 2 so.. there's hope yet.
David Duchovny works as a jaded writer who's on a mission to sleep with most of LA.. at least I remember that it's set in LA.

I've also completed season 3, 4 and 5 of One tree hill.. which you might have figured out from all the OTH posts that I made.
Now all that's left to do is to catch up with season 4 of House and the doctor recommended dose of sarcasm will be complete.

yay.. =)

So it was Ben's bday on the 9th.. I kinda slipped.. so only wished him today (10th)
it'll be Kat Choo's bday soon and paintball is on saturday and.. yea.. works for me =)

Hellboy: Golden Army is out. I haven't seen Wanted yet.. what else is there to catch?
Already seen Hancock.. a little disappointed at the content and the length but it's alright..

There's War of the Dragons, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Get Smart, Nanny Diaries and I've yet to catch Kung-fu panda..
I think that's quite a lot of movies to catch .. =)

but first off.. there's a small matter of the summons to see the sergeant tomorrow.. i wonder what's that all about?

oh and on Monday, I totally violated Jo-Lyn's new pool cue. I think it's sometimes referred to as the baptism of fire.. which she/it totally failed. "sledgehammer" was the name i believe..
but 9-1 to me.. mwahahaha
Unbelievable score =)

*gloat gloat*

I've also gone to the gym twice this week plus futsal on tuesday.. Gonna lose me some fats. =)
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