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anonymity... - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-07-06 03:59
Subject: anonymity...
Security: Public
I am feelingaggravatedaggravated
Tags:random, rant
I've been having this back and forth 'chat' thing on facebook with a friend of mine.. It was actually about the 'how' that we met...
She could not remember that we had one class together when we were at Melbourne Uni and that saddens and disappoints me.
Maybe that makes me a little angry because it just validates my claim that I am part of the wallpaper/background/etc..
but I guess mainly just disappointed.

"Sometimes I wonder if the people that I met, know a little more than as a passing acquaintance, ever think of me. Or of the flavour that I injected in their lives.
More pertinently would be.. Would I be remembered? In some ways, I guess that's a fear? of certain people.
The fear that we'd be little more than a footnote or a statistic in the annals of history. It inspires people to greatness or notoriety."

I mean i've known her for a while.. and maybe all not so well initially but I didn't think that I was that forgettable.. the hell

"So you used to wear glasses? I don't remember that.."
"what's up with the scars on your hand? oh you've told me before? Could you tell me again? (for the 10th time)"

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