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over and over again.. - It's my life and anything else in between.
Soo Jin

Date: 2008-06-10 01:55
Subject: over and over again..
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Listening toUtada Hikaru - First Love
Tags:crush, memories, past, relationships

" I'm wondering the streets in a world underneath it all
But nothing seems to be
Nothing seems to taste as sweet as what I can't have..
As you ran away and twisting you hair around your finger
Tonight im not afraid to tell you what I feel about you

Im gonna muster every ounce of confidence that I have
And cannonball into the water
Im gonna muster every ounce of confidence that I have
For you I will
For you I will.."

I'd just arrived in Melbourne in the early morning of the summer of 1999. "Summer in Australia begins at the end of the year .. in case there's any confusion there.. "
I think it might have been 6-7am in the morning. I arrived at the doorsteps of Albert House which was to be what I'd call home for the duration of the year. I was greeted by the Resident Owner/Cook/Matron/etc..  and ushered in.

There I was waiting with my my luggage waiting for my room to be assigned. Someone was actually living in it as I hadn't arrived yet till that morning.
I was actually a little sore that my dad didn't see it fit to even send me off. Instead it was left to my mom, sister, my uncle and aunt and possibly my cousins.
but.. oh well... got on with it.

Then I heard some voices.. indistinct at first, then gradually louder. It belonged to 2 girls.. Don't think I caught their names then.. or maybe I did. In any event, it was a little too early for my to process much information.. but I remembered an oversized t-shirt, pajamas of sorts, glasses and some fluffy house slippers.. shoulder length hair, slim frame, cautious smile..
Little did I know that the reasons for my happy memories for the following year was there standing right in front of me.. welcoming me.. It just didn't occur to me.

"Hey, it's a co-ed dorm!"


I was eventually given a room next to the boiler room opposite the TV room. I still remember that little room. I didn't have a camera.. so I'm not sure if I actually have a picture of that room or not. I did however have an attached bathroom which was pretty good.. =)

And I would leave my room door open.. which led to me being scolded by someone for something he thought I was doing for reasons other than anything altruistic.
But I had him to thank for these memories...

Funny how things would turn out.

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